Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 883

Chapter 883 A Chance Encounter With Classmate Zhao

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Because Xuxu was pregnant, she had to satisfy her cravings. Otherwise, it would be unbearable for her. Sometimes, she had sudden cravings for a particular food and would go all the way to buy it, but she would lose her appetite after just a mouthful.

She needed to have a taste of it so bad. She was pouting as she said, “I need to satisfy my stomach. I’m really too famished. You stop the car and I’ll buy. You don’t have to go.”

Yan Rusheng hurriedly explained, “Wife, I’m not afraid of getting off the car to buy it for you. But I feel that roadside stalls are unhygienic. Shall we find a restaurant instead?”

Xuxu disagreed. “No way.”

“Alright then. Just a small bite will do.” In the end, Yan Rusheng couldn’t stop his wife’s tantrums and gave in. He stopped his car by the roadside. “Junk food. You’re a threat to my son.”

He unfastened his seatbelt after stopping the car.

Xuxu said, “Let me go instead.”

Since it was early in the morning, there were many pedestrians outside the hospital. He would surely attract unnecessary stares if he were to buy it for her.

“You wait in the car. I’ll buy,” Yan Rusheng insisted.

Xuxu knitted her eyebrows. “You’re not allowed to go. Those in the queue are all young ladies.”

After speaking to him in a commanding tone, Xuxu didn’t give Yan Rusheng further chance to speak and got off the car.

Yan Rusheng stared at the petite back view of Xuxu. It had him dumbfounded.

‘Those in the queue are all young ladies?’

As he mulled over this, he turned and looked at the stall once more and knitted his eyebrows. Wasn’t there only one young lady?

‘Forget it.’ Since she didn’t want him to go, he should listen and be a good husband.

Yan Rusheng took out his cellphone and saw two missed calls. Both calls were from Lu Yinan.

He didn’t know why Lu Yinan called him early in the morning, so he returned the call.


While Xuxu was in the queue, a familiar voice suddenly sounded in her ears. She turned back and there was a look of astonishment in her eyes.

“Is it really you?”

After finding out she was Xuxu, the man adjusted his specs before walking up to her. “I saw you from the back earlier and thought I’ve got the wrong person.”

It was Zhao Zheng, the person who they had dined with last Saturday.

It surprised Xuxu. “Why are you here?”

Zhao Zheng replied, “My father had some heart discomfort these two days and is in the hospital for further checks.”

He walked up to Xuxu before halting his steps.

His dad was their high school English teacher. Xuxu asked with concern, “How’re the results of his check?”

Zhao Zheng shook his head. “Results are not out yet as they have not completed the checkup. They will do more checks today.”

Then, he scanned the surroundings and asked in bewilderment. “Why are you here too? Alone?”

Xuxu shook her head. “No, Yan Rusheng is with me.”

“Last night, my dad was still talking about you, saying you had the best English results in our class. You were also the most well behaved.” Zhao Zheng added, “He heard that we met up for a meal last Saturday and got excited, asking why I didn’t bring him along.”

He laughed after saying this.

Xuxu also laughed and said, “Then I’ll pay Teacher Zhao a visit. I haven’t seen him after we graduated.”

Frankly, her English teacher treated her well before.

After over 10 years, she finally had time to meet him. And since he was in the hospital, she ought to pay him a visit.

It thrilled Zhao Zheng when he heard this and nodded. “Sure thing. He’ll be thrilled to see you.”

Xuxu replied with an ‘Mm’ and said, “Let me inform Yan Rusheng.”