Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 886

Chapter 886 Underestimated Young Master Yans Pettiness

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“All right, let’s go.” Xuxu stretched her hand behind Yan Rusheng and gave him a hard pinch.

Yan Rusheng furrowed his eyebrows and spoke none further.

They went to the convenience store inside the hospital to get some gifts. Xuxu grabbed a carton of milk and bread, she then unwrapped them.

Yan Rusheng specially chose the most expensive items to flaunt his wealth in front of Zhao Zheng. As he was about to pay, he took out a black credit card with unlimited spending. He casually tossed it on the cashier. “There.”

Xuxu had a mouthful of bread in her mouth. She helplessly snorted. ‘What a showoff!’

Zhao Zheng stood at the side, observing him with a contemptuous expression etched on his face.

He felt that other than being rich, there was nothing good about Yan Rusheng. He was mean, arrogant, condescending, and his character was horrible. He always used to bully the girls, especially Xuxu.

He couldn’t stand Yan Rusheng at all.

But in the end, Xuxu ended up marrying him. It was the most infuriating fact that he couldn’t take it lying down.

“Zhao Zheng, hold this.” After footing the bill, Yan Rusheng passed him two heavy boxes.

Zhao Zheng didn’t want to, but since Xuxu was around, he wanted to appear like a gentleman. He received the boxes.

His shoulders slumped the moment he received the boxes with his hands.

Meanwhile, Yan Rusheng held a light bag containing some fruits.

With his free hand, he held Xuxu’s hand and walked ahead of Zhao Zheng. He deliberately wanted to display how loving they were.

Xuxu suddenly regretted having suggested visiting Teacher Zhao. She had clearly underestimated Young Master Yan’s pettiness. It was beyond her imagination!

Teacher Zhao stayed in a single ward. Zhao Zheng explained that his father’s student was a director at the hospital. He proudly said that the student arranged this ward, especially for his father.

As expected, Yan Rusheng made a snide and sarcastic remark once again.

There was a man in his sixties lying on the bed as they opened the door. He was wearing glasses as he read a magazine.

He was engrossed that he didn’t notice them entering.

Xuxu noticed his balding head and suddenly felt nostalgic as memories rushed in.

Teacher Zhao who was once so energetic and lively during lessons before.

“Teacher Zhao,” called out Xuxu with a soft voice as she entered. She was trying her best to contain her emotions.

The old man slowly lifted his head and looked at Xuxu. His slightly murky eyes were sparkling with excitement. “Oh dear, you are.”

He could recognize her face but couldn’t remember her name. Xuxu smiled. “Wen Xuxu!”

“Xuxu!” Teacher Zhao cast the magazine aside and instantly got off the bed.

Xuxu hastened her footsteps. “Teacher, don’t move from the bed!”

She grabbed his arm and supported him, so he could sit on his bed.

“It has been more than a decade since you graduated.” Teacher Zhao held her hand, looking overwhelmed. “You were the top student for the English subject that year.”

He sounded so proud of her achievements.

Xuxu smiled and subconsciously threw a glance at Yan Rusheng with a triumphant smile.

Yan Rusheng quietly snorted, apparently annoyed. He glanced at Teacher Zhao. “Teacher Zhao, you can still remember Wen Xuxu, but what about me?”

This was what he hated most about Wen Xuxu. Both of them were academically excellent, but he did not understand why the teachers only had Wen Xuxu in their eyes. They always chose her as their classmates’ role model or the one who received the most praises.