Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 887

Chapter 887 If I Wanted To Leave With Him

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Yan Rusheng always felt that Wen Xuxu must have pandered to the teachers. That was why they all adored her so much. Hence, the reason why he despised her.

In fact, every single teacher in the school liked her.

“Yan Rusheng. How can I not remember you?” Teacher Zhao glanced at Yan Rusheng. “I always read news about you two.”

Xuxu was slightly awkward when he mentioned the news. In the last year, they indeed had appeared on the news on a regular basis.

“Xuxu, I’ve told you, right? If my father saw you, he would be delighted and excited.”

Zhao Zheng had foreseen that Yan Rusheng was trying to interject, so he hastily cut him across.

He deliberately mentioned that his father would be delighted to see Wen Xuxu and left his name out. His intention was obvious.

Yan Rusheng could tell, and he quietly smiled.

He felt that Zhao Zheng wasn’t in the same league as him, and he had half a thought to mock him. But since the teacher that Xuxu respected was around, he decided against his whim.

Teacher Zhao chuckled as he pressed on. “I heard that you had a classmates’ gathering last weekend. Why didn’t you ask me along?”

Xuxu smiled and made a promise. “Sure, we will ask you along next time.”

“That’s settled.” Teacher Zhao sighed once more. “Among your classmates, Jiang Zhuoheng was the only one who visited me a few times after he came back from abroad. He would always stay to play chess with me.”

It startled Xuxu. “He went to visit you?”

Jiang Zhuoheng was always so thoughtful and considerate. He was very filial towards the elderly and always visited Xuxu’s grandfather as well.

Even until now.

Yan Rusheng noticed Xuxu’s expression softening, and he felt uncomfortable.

‘Is that fellow Jiang Zhuoheng’s company going bust soon? Why does he have so much free time?’

“Time passes too quickly, and without realizing it, I’ve aged so much.” Teacher Zhao deeply sighed. “All of you are starting to have your own family, too.”

Visiting Teacher Zhao had made Xuxu recollect so many precious memories. She left the hospital holding hands with Yan Rusheng.

“Xuxu, if nothing happened between us that night, would you have left abroad with Jiang Zhuoheng?” Yan Rusheng suddenly asked Xuxu.

Would they be together today?

His question had shocked her, and so he simply stared at him for a long time without uttering a sound.

Initially, Yan Rusheng had been holding her hand, but subconsciously he tightened his grip.

Xuxu could feel his hand sweating—he was anxious and nervous.

“Pfft!” She laughed and her eyes glistened. “Silly fool, if I wanted to leave with him, nothing would have happened that night.”

How could she bear to leave Ah Sheng, whom she had stayed with ever since she was a child?

Her confession had overjoyed him, but remained calm. “I’ll bring you to Chen’s Restaurant and I’ll get the dumplings within 50 seconds.”

He bent and carried her like how he carried a child.


Xuxu shrieked when he lifted her without warning, and she wound her hands around his neck by instinct. “Yan Rusheng, what are you doing?! Put me down!”

Does he have any idea that he needed to be cautious with her? She was pregnant but he kept scaring her!

Yan Rusheng ignored Xuxu and carried her to the car.

Completely ignoring all the curious pairs of eyes staring at them.

Two pairs of eyes were fondly gazing at Yan Rusheng and Xuxu from a window.

Until they vanished from sight.

Mu Li shook her head with a contented smile. “This boy is sticking to Xuxu like glue.”

She glanced at Yan Weihong.