Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 888

Chapter 888 Rookie

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Yan Weihong became stern and snarled, “He doesn’t know how to stop. What if Xuxu was hurt?”

Mu Li threw him a contemptuous look. “Ever since I got to know you, you’re just like a wooden block. When have you been as passionate as our son?”

Yan Weihong retorted, “That’s why our son is just like you.”

Mu Li quipped, “So what if he is like me? Without my genes, would your son be so handsome? From top to toe, you are the perfect example of a toad lusting after a swan!”

Yan Weihong almost spat blood.

Xuxu was still in the midst of designing outfits for Xin Yanting’s photoshoot, and she had finished the first outfit and prepared a sample. So, she told Su Yan to inform Xin Yanting to head over for a fitting.

To see if she was satisfied.

If it were other clients, the client would usually come over after all the samples were ready, just like how the contract has stipulated.

But for the fussy and particular Xin Yanting, she needed to do it one at a time before she started on the second one. She needed her approval for the first one.

In the evening, Xin Yanting and Su Yan came to work at the studio together.

She was wearing a formal outfit with high heels and as usual, her appearance was flamboyant, just like her character.

She removed her sunglasses when she entered the work studio. She folded her arms and tilted her chin upwards as though she was using her nostrils to look at things.

“Where is Wen Xuxu?” She scanned the office and saw no sight of her. Xin Yanting turned to Su Yan, looking annoyed. “Didn’t she ask me to come down for a fitting? Why isn’t she here to receive me?”

She had barely finished her sentence when the sounds of footsteps could be heard. “Here I am, Miss Xin!”

Xuxu quickly and gracefully came down with a smile on her face. “I’ll get the outfit for you.”

After greeting Xin Yanting, she went to the sewing machine and politely brought her the outfit.

It was a light colored floral long dress that reminded one of the tropical beaches.

Xin Yanting scrutinized the dress before lazily stretching her hand out to feel the dress.

A few seconds later, a crease appeared on her forehead. “This is obviously too big, alright?”

She flung the dress on Xuxu.

Instinctively Xuxu caught the dress in mid-air. “It isn’t. Our tailor had made it according to your measurements.”

She spread the dress and moved to Xin Yanting’s back. She placed it on her and exclaimed, “Oh dear. It’s indeed bigger.”

Xin Yanting sneered. “I knew you were a rookie who isn’t capable enough. How dare you try to design clothes when you have no experience? I have no idea what is on Yan Rusheng’s mind. You are disgracing him.”

These words may sound mean but it didn’t anger Xuxu at all. She had grasped Xin Yanting’s character and understood that she was prideful and conceited.

But she wasn’t essentially a wicked person since her emotions were all displayed on her face. If she liked you, she would show it, and if she doesn’t, she wouldn’t hide her dislike.

Xuxu contemplated for a moment before turning to Xin Yanting with an apologetic expression. “Miss Xin. I’m so sorry. I might have made a mistake. I’ll ask the tailor to alter it as soon as possible. I will have to trouble you to make another trip.”

“Rookie, I advise you to learn fashion design properly first.”