Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 889

Chapter 889 Do I Have This Honor

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Xin Yanting used her heels to her advantage and peered at Xuxu with a condescending look. “I shall forgive you on the account of Brother Ah Heng. I’ll give you one more chance, so don’t make any mistakes again.”

Xuxu nodded and assured her. “I won’t do it the next time, don’t worry.”

Xin Yanting loudly snorted, twisted her body, and then marched out of the office.

Xuxu was afraid that her heels might pierce a hole through the floor when she heard loud the thuds that her heels had produced.

Xuxu retracted her line of vision after Xin Yanting left and accidentally caught sight of Su Yan’s face. She frowned, looking confused. “Why? Why are you looking at me in that way?”

Su Yan stuffed his hands inside his pockets. He had fixed his eyes intently on Xuxu’s face. He seemed to suppress a grin.

He blurted, “Xuxu, you’re too wicked.”

Xuxu pretended to be puzzled by his accusation. “Huh?”

Su Yan pointed at the dress in Xuxu’s hands. With determination coating his voice, he said, “You did it on purpose.”

He had seen through her lies, and it made Xuxu shrug. But the latter did not admit her doings. “That princess came with you, shouldn’t you send her back?”

She turned around and went up the stairs.

She had indeed done it on purpose for she knew that Xin Yanting was an impatient person. She wanted to use this opportunity to make things difficult for her.

If she came a few more times, she won’t ever come again.

“General Manager Xin. I’m so sorry to make you waste a trip here.”

Su Yan fastened his seatbelt and apologized to Xin Yanting.

“It has nothing to do with you. It’s all that rookie Wen Xuxu’s fault.” Xin Yanting frowned and looked at Su Yan. “You’re too kind as a boss. Your work studio receives clients from the entertainment and fashion industry, and they are all famous and remarkable figures. You have such an outstanding reputation, so why didn’t you hire a famous fashion designer? You shouldn’t have hired Wen Xuxu just because she is your sister-in-law.”

She expressed concern for Young Master Su and didn’t leave out to categorize herself as someone famous and remarkable too.

Su Yan merely smiled and started the car.

When he drove out of an alley, he glanced at Xin Yanting and asked, “Do I have this honor of inviting you to dinner, General Manager Xin?”

It was already dusk and the setting red sun had enveloped everything in sight. A golden layer of light seemed to cover the man’s gorgeous features, and it made him look more beautiful than anything.

His looks had astonished Xin Yanting at that moment, and she simply stared at him. Then she regained her composure and said smugly. “I rarely dine with others.”

She had implied that she had a high status.

Su Yan grinned and continued. “That’s why I’m wondering if I have the honor of dining with you?”

“Alright then.” Xin Yanting pursed her lips and reluctantly nodded. “Since you picked me up earlier on, I shall grant you your wish.”

She rummaged through her bag for a mirror and looked at her reflection.

To check if her makeup had smudged.

Su Yan had booked a Western restaurant in the bustling city area. It was dinnertime, and it was fully booked.

Su Yan had reserved seats on the second floor.

It was one of the finest and splendid restaurants in the capital city, and it was normal to catch sight of celebrities or famous figures occasionally.

Xin Yanting’s heels had announced her arrival before she stepped in. But the minute Su Yan walked beside her, he attracted everyone’s attention.

They entered the restaurant, and Su Yan, being a gentleman, sat down across her after Xin Yanting had comfortably settled herself in.