Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 890

Chapter 890 What A Handsome Big Brother

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The waitress came to their table with a menu. Su Yan sat there, looking like a refined gentleman as he asked Xin Yanting to order first.

It had secretly intensified Xin Yanting’s favorable impression of him.

Xin Yanting passed him the menu with both hands. “I’ve ordered. Your turn.”

Su Yan smiled and received the menu, but he didn’t flip it. He passed it to the waitress. “I would like the same as what this beautiful lady has ordered.”

His smile was warm and gentle, and his piercing eyes were exceedingly charming.

The young pretty waitress’ heart furiously pounded, and she blushed crimson. She averted her gaze and received the menu. “Alright. Please wait.”

She left with the menu.

Xin Yanting watched as the waitress disappeared. She then said disapprovingly, “Nowadays, young girls are always swooning over guys. Haven’t they seen a handsome man before?”

Su Yan merely smiled in response.

Xin Yanting suddenly thought of something and she glanced at Su Yan. “Su Yan, it’s your sister’s birthday in two days. Are you celebrating her becoming a legal adult?”

Su Yan was slightly startled and nodded after a pause. “Yes.”

Xin Yanting furrowed her eyebrows, looking upset. “Why didn’t you invite me?”

Su Yan replied, “I was about to ask if you would grant me this honor.”

Xin Yanting snorted again and flicked her hair. As proud as a peacock, she proclaimed, “If Wen Xuxu was the one who invited me, I would have rejected her. But I will go on account of you and Yan Rusheng.”

It delighted Su Yan. “I’ll pick you up.”

Xin Yanting waved her hands and with a gentle voice, she said, “It’s okay. You should be busy on that day. I can make my way there myself.”

Su Yan smiled. “It’s really alright. Xuxu was the one who organized everything and the guests are all President Yan’s friends. He will be there to entertain them, so I’ve nothing to do.”

Xin Yanting deliberated for a moment before agreeing. “Alright then.”

Xin Yanting thoroughly enjoyed her dinner that night, and she even ordered another serving of steak. Her appetite had the waitress dumfounded.

But then again, she didn’t feel anything wrong.

“Please visit us again.” The waitress bowed and bade them farewell. Su Yan glanced at Xin Yanting. “Do you want to take a walk?”

At that time, a girl with a basket in her hands tugged at Su Yan’s pants. She peered at him with a pitiful expression. “What a handsome big brother! Buy a flower for this pretty lady.”

Su Yan looked at the little girl and his face lit up with a smile when he looked into her sparkling eyes.

He bent forward. “How much is the flower?”

“Three yuan,” she sweetly replied, and it made Su Yan’s heart soften.

Flashbacks of a tiny figure being ostracized by people appeared in his mind.

He took out his wallet and gave her 200 yuan. “I’ll buy all the flowers.”

The little girl was ecstatic and received the money gratefully. She passed the entire basket to Su Yan. “Big brother, this whole basket is for you.”

“Alright. Thank you.” After receiving the flowers, Su Yan straightened his back. He gazed at the flowers.

He turned towards Xin Yanting, and when their eyes met, he could see Miss Xin’s face was flushed with anger.

She raised her chin, looking upset. “These children are usually forced by their parents to sell things for a living. The adults then do nothing at home, waiting for their children to support them.”