Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 891

Chapter 891 I Feel Bad To Decline

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Xin Yanting scanned the flowers in Su Yan’s hands and sneered. “These flowers are so tiny, and it costs three yuan? They look like wild roses.”

“Even if her parents had forced her to sell these flowers, I would still buy it. If I didn’t, she might have to continue standing here until she had sold everything. Isn’t it a good thing that she could go home early?” Su Yan’s warm smile remained on his face. He looked at the basket of flowers and sighed. “If I knew you didn’t like these flowers, I shouldn’t have taken them from the girl.”

He glanced at the direction the little girl headed to, but she was already out of sight.

Xin Yanting gazed at Su Yan, and her eyes seemed to glisten. His words appeared to have touched by her heart.

“Oh, I see her.” Su Yan pointed and smiled.

He was about to rush forward when Xin Yanting stopped him. “Su Yan.”

Su Yan abruptly stopped his movement and spun his head. “What?”

“It doesn’t matter if the flowers are tiny,” Xin Yanting awkwardly said, “If you return the flowers to her, the horrible parents might force her to continue selling. Give them to me. I’ll give to my servants.”

She snatched the basket from Su Yan and strode ahead of him with quick strides.

Su Yan gazed at Xin Yanting’s slender figure and a cold smirk appeared on his face.

Xin Yanting got down Su Yan’s car in the courtyard.

She happily carried the basket.

Since she was currently staying with the Jiang family, a servant met her at the door and smiled at her. “Miss, are you selling flowers?”

Xin Yanting proudly replied, “Someone gave them to me.”

She turned and went towards the living room.

Everyone had just finished dinner and was sitting in the living room, watching TV with Old Master Jiang.

Old Master Jiang warmly smiled at Xin Yanting. “Tingting, you’re back.”

His eyes landed on the basket of flowers in Xin Yanting’s hands. “Who is this stingy guy who gave you such cheap and tiny flowers?”

“Grandfather, you have no idea how kind this man was. He noticed this pitiful little girl on the road, and he bought all her flowers,” Xin Yanting explained as she walked to the couch.

Everyone shifted so that she could sit next to Old Master Jiang.

Someone grinned and playfully jeered, “Who is this lucky fellow who won the affections of our beloved princess?”

Xin Yanting snorted coldly with a haughty grin. “It’s a secret.”

She found Jiang Zhuoheng sitting on an armchair slightly apart from the rest of the family. “Brother, Su Yan’s sister is celebrating her birthday in two days. Are you going?”

Jiang Zhuoheng, who was using his phone, glanced at Xin Yanting when he heard her. “Are you going?”

Xin Yanting seemed to show off as she loudly proclaimed, “Su Yan just invited me earlier on. I would feel bad to decline.”

All of them were speechless…

Didn’t she say that the identity of the man who gave her the flowers was a secret? Less than a minute later, she had blurted his name out.

Jiang Zhuoheng didn’t answer Xin Yanting’s question and simply stood up and went upstairs.

Xin Yanting scrambled after him. “Brother! You haven’t told me if you’re going!”

Jiang Zhuoheng ignored her.

He whipped out his phone when he reached his room and clicked a text. He replied, ‘Okay.’