Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 892

Chapter 892 Coming Of Age Ceremony

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Xuxu and Yan Rusheng decided to throw Su Yue a lavish and huge coming of age ceremony.

They wanted it to be huge to allow Su Yue to interact with more people and get used to crowds. But the main reason was to inform everyone that the Yan family had officially acknowledged them as their siblings and part of the Yans.

Previously, the media had dramatized how Su Yue and Su Yan were illegitimate children and were unaccepted by the Yan family. They even speculated on how there was internal strife in the family because of their presence, too.

It affected Su Yue the most since she was very sensitive. Hence, instinctively, she wanted to draw a clear line between herself and the Yan family for she felt they came from two different worlds.

Like what Su Yan had said, Su Yue suffered too much, and she don’t deserve it.

Her parents should cherish and love her.

Hence Xuxu and Yan Rusheng hoped that her coming of age ceremony would make her feel like she is part of the family and that she was the beloved little princess of the Yan family.

In the dressing room, Su Yue put on a baby pink frock that Xuxu had personally designed for her. It was strapless and ended at Su Yue’s knees.

She was naturally fair, and the baby pink brought out the color of her skin that made her look fairer and exquisite. Her hair was slightly wavy, and she tied it into a loose and fluffy ponytail. The stylist used the curler to curl a lock of her hair and it tumbled elegantly at the sides of her face.

She sat with elegance before the dressing table, fully resembling a beautiful and graceful princess in a fairytale.

Xuxu, Mu Li and Zhou Shuang stood behind her.

After the stylist was finished, Zhou Shuang inched near Su Yue and sized her up from top to toe. Then she looked at Su Yue’s reflection and exclaimed, “This girl is too beautiful.”

She couldn’t help but pinch Su Yue’s rosy cheek.

Xuxu walked over and slapped Zhou Shuang before chiding her. “Don’t touch her, her makeup will get smudged.”

She gazed at Su Yue’s reflection as well, and similarly, Su Yue’s beauty had amazed her too.

Even Madam Mu Li, who was an exquisite beauty herself, couldn’t help but exclaim, “Yueyue is a rare beauty waiting to sprout.”

Zhou Shuang corrected her, “She isn’t waiting to sprout, she is already a seedling!”

She wanted to touch Su Yue’s face but was stopped by Xuxu’s glare.


The door swung open and Su Yan entered. He was holding a black box, and it was from a luxury brand.

He entered and nodded at Mu Li while walking towards Su Yue.

He broke into a wide smile when he saw Su Yue. Even affection and consolation could be seen in his eyes.

“Brother,” Su Yue whispered.

They looked at each other from the mirror.

“This is for you.” Su Yan passed the box to Su Yue.

“Thank you.” Su Yue received it and opened it eagerly. It was a long box, and without a surprise, it should contain either a necklace or bracelet.

The moment Su Yue opened it, dancing sparkling light greeted her eyes.

“It’s so beautiful.”

It was a diamond necklace with a sun-shaped pendant. There were tiny diamonds adorning the necklace and it glittered flamboyantly.

Su Yue gazed at the necklace and judging from her expression, she loved it.

Xuxu quipped, “I’ll help you to wear it.”

“Okay.” Su Yue nodded and passed the box to Xuxu.

The glittering necklace on Su Yue’s neck added a brilliant finishing touch.

They heard exclaims and gasps.

Everyone was happily conversing when a tall figure entered the room. “Su Yan.”