Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 893

Chapter 893 Lets Start From Uncle Ming

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Su Yan’s face turned solemn for a second before he gave a slight nod. “General Manager Xin.”

Xin Yanting had worn a classy red sleeveless dress. She sauntered her way in with her nose up high as though everything was beneath her.

She walked to Su Yan and then stopped. Ignoring everyone else, she scanned Xuxu from head to toe in a condescending manner. “Wen Xuxu, you look really tacky.”

Xuxu was pregnant and naturally, she wouldn’t be wearing heels. She simply put on a casual dress and a pair of white loafers.

Zhou Shuang had met Xin Yanting before, and she knew how haughty and conceited she could be. She was openly criticizing Xuxu and at the same time was amused with it.

However, her action had incensed Mu Li. ‘Who is this rude lass? How dare she criticize my daughter-in-law right in my face?’ She said, “Su Yan, is she your friend?”

Mu Li pointed at Xin Yanting. She then glanced at Su Yan, looking furious.

“Aunt Mu, I’m Xin Yanting.”

Miss Xin proudly announced her name.

Mu Li heard her and her face fell. “Paramount’s young mistress.”

In the past, Paramount and Flourish and Prosper had been on bad terms, and it wasn’t an open secret then. But lately, their bad relationship had gone to the surface, and so, Xin Yanting wasn’t in the least surprised to see how hostile Mu Li was to her. She simply offered a smile at the latter.

She spun her head towards Su Yue, and her eyes widened in surprise. “This young girl is so pretty.”

“Seems like you haven’t forgotten how to praise a person.” Zhou Shuang folded her arms and rolled her eyes at Xin Yanting. Every word screamed sarcasm.

Xin Yanting heard her remarks and it annoyed her. “What do you mean?”

Zhou Shuang ignored her and smiled at Su Yue. “Yueyue is the most beautiful princess today. I’m almost falling in love with you.”

She held Su Yue’s hand and led her to the center as she spun her around.

Su Yue’s soft laughter was tinkling and sweet-sounding, resembling a mountain lark.

At the same time, a huge group entered the room.

All the young masters’ faces lit up in a pleasant surprise when they caught a glimpse of the scene.

Xuxu noticed them first and smiled. “All the young masters are here.”

They walked towards them, saying, “We were waiting for a long time in the main hall but didn’t see the main character. Hence, we came over to take a peek.”

They moved their gaze from Xuxu to Su Yue.

Su Yue had been full of cheeriness and life earlier on, but she suddenly fell silent at the sight of the men. She pressed her lips as she stared at them with dewy eyes.

Xuxu extended her hand and nudged Su Yue. “Yueyue, address them so that you can collect the presents and red packets.”

Su Yue softly murmured and offered a deep bow to the group of young masters. “Hello to all the young masters.”

All of them were speechless.

She was dressed like a princess but why does she seem like a maid?

Lu Yinan grinned and gently tapped Su Yue’s ear. “You’re such a cheeky lass, you learned well from your third sister-in-law.”

Every time Wen Xuxu met them, she would be as stiff as a board. She would also address everyone cordially as ‘Young Master’. Even though she politely addressed them, everyone could distinctly feel that she was mocking them.

Lu Yinan spoke as he dragged Ming Ansheng to the front. “We will take turns giving out our gifts. Let’s start with Uncle Ming.”