Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 894

Chapter 894 Proud Clown

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Among the young masters, Su Yue was the closest to Ming Ansheng. Su Yue felt more at ease when she saw Ming Ansheng. “Uncle Ming.”

She sweetly called out to him and extended her hands.

Ming Ansheng had dressed up especially for her coming of age ceremony. He chose a pale pink shirt for the occasion, and it unknowingly and perfectly matched Su Yue’s dress.

His gorgeous-looking face seemed much younger in light colors, too. He brought out a squarish box from his pocket and presented it to her. “Little lass, happy birthday.”

“Thank you!” Su Yue kept the present as she happily thanked him.

Everyone was curious about the mysterious tiny box. Did Ming Ansheng give her a ring?!

“Little lass, unwrap it!”

Someone shouted and everyone else chimed in.

Su Yue was about to unwrap the present when Ming Ansheng stopped her. “Don’t unwrap it yet, let them anxiously wait for it.”

He glanced at the people with him. “Where are the presents? If you didn’t prepare one, then cash will do. The minimum is 100,000 yuan, and if you don’t have enough, you need to squat at a corner while you eat later.”

He was acting as though he was the owner, and so Lu Yinan teased him. “That was what Third Yan was supposed to say.”

He took out a red packet and gave it to Su Yue. “Yueyue, congrats on you turning legal.”

The red packet was considerably thick.

Someone yelled, “Open it and check the amount!”

Ming Ansheng didn’t let Su Yue open it and spoke again. “Enough. Next one!”

Everyone gave red packets and the thickness was quite similar.

After giving out their presents and red packets, all of them got ready to leave the room. Xin Yanting darted towards Su Yue, and she took out a wad of cash from her handbag. “Su Yue, for you.”

Everyone’s mouths twitched.

That wad of cash must have been 100,000 yuan.

Everyone gasped inwardly gasped. The lady was indeed extraordinary.

That thick wad of cash had eclipsed all their presents and red packets.

Su Yue was shocked to see so much money she gave her, and she simply stood there. Xin Yanting frowned and stuffed the money into her arms. “Take this. It’s ideal to receive cash nowadays since you may not like the present I may get you.”

It sounded like she was mocking those who bought her a present, although it was undeniable that there was some truth to it.

“Take it.”

Su Yue didn’t budge so Xuxu whispered something under her breath—only then did Su Yue received the money.

That wad of money was thick and heavy that she had no idea how to keep it.

Miss Xin had already turned around and sauntered to the front.

“This proud clown.” Zhou Shuang glanced at the money in Su Yue’s arms first before glancing at Xin Yanting’s haughty-looking figure. The corners of her mouth twitched.

Lu Yinan was standing beside her at that moment and overheard her remarks. He simply couldn’t stop himself from interjecting. “How can she be more of a clown than you?”

Zhou Shuang spun her head and glared at Lu Yinan with her eyes wide open. “Do you have a death wish?”

Xuxu quickly intervened before they squabbled once again. “That’s enough! Stop quarreling here.”

They were simply arch-enemies.

Zhou Shuang couldn’t take it lying down and shot daggers from her eyes at Lu Yinan. “You’re such a nosy and talkative fellow. From top to toe without a doubt, you’re definitely a wimp.”

Lu Yinan screwed up his nose in disdain. “Wretched woman. From top to toe, there is nothing likable about you.”