Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 895

Chapter 895 Dont Force Me To Hit A Man

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“Lu Yinan, I’m warning you. Don’t force me to hit you. You should know that I’ve never hit a man before.” Zhou Shuang halted her footsteps and pointed a finger as a threat to Lu Yinan.

Everyone stopped to check out the situation and turned around to face Zhou Shuang. “Zhou Shuang, can you show us how to hit a man?”

“Lu Yinan is really asking for a good beating.”

“Exactly. Why does he always squabble with a lady? He needs to remember that he is a man.”

These guys were definitely friends with evil intentions. Everyone was waiting to witness a ‘good show’ and were egging both of them on.

Xuxu glared at them and raised her voice. “Young Masters, don’t you all want to eat?”

They must be too bored.

The entire hotel level was booked and every guest was given room to rest.

Su Yue’s coming of age ceremony was huge and grand. When news got out that the Yan family spared no efforts to plan a celebration of that scale, those who didn’t receive an invitation clamored to join.

Of course, their main motive was to get close to Yan Rusheng and for Flourish & Prosper.

The resplendent ballroom was teeming with guests.

Su Yue was the main character of the day and inevitably, the host invited her to take photos with the guests.

It was her first time attending such an event, and she was being thrust into the limelight as the main character. She was jittery and held on to Xuxu’s hand.

Xuxu led her to the stage and whispered under her breath, “Don’t be nervous, you look beautiful today. Everyone will definitely sing praises of you.”

“Mmm.” Su Yue lightly nodded. She tried to unclench her hands.

When she reached the stage, she saw countless unfamiliar faces and unconsciously, she inched closer to Xuxu.

Xuxu borrowed the host’s microphone and spoke, “Thank you, everyone, for attending my sister’s coming of age ceremony. She is a little shy so please give her a round of applause.”

The sound of applause instantly filled the whole ballroom.

Xuxu could tell that Su Yue felt uncomfortable. So after they took a few photos, she went down the stage with her.

“There is a girl outside. She said that she is Miss Su’s classmate.”

Yan Rusheng was chatting with the rest of the young masters when a staff interrupted their conversation.

Yan Rusheng replied, “Let her in.”

He was puzzled. ‘Why did the staff announce her arrival?’

They didn’t send out invitations for their guests, and most of them came in their own accord.

“Right away,” The staff responded promptly and left.

A young, thin girl appeared at the entrance. She was wearing a rather old and crumpled dress. Her hair was tied in braids, and she looked dainty and delicate.

She peered inside the ballroom while her hands clenched her dress in sheer nerves. Fear was written all over her face.

Yan Rusheng noticed her, and his face screwed up in concentration. After recalling something, he walked towards her. “Are you Su Yue’s classmate?”

He stood in front of her and peered at her.

The girl nodded but she didn’t dare to look at Yan Rusheng’s face. She grabbed the hems of her dress tightly and trembled.

“Come in, she is over there.” Yan Rusheng pointed at Su Yue who was at a corner with Xuxu.

The girl stole a fleeting glance in the direction, bowed her head once more and stood still.

Yan Rusheng’s eyes traveled to the girl’s shoes. Her shoes were white, and although it looked tacky, they seemed brand new.