Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 897

Chapter 897 The Loser Drinks Up

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Looking at the joyful Su Yue, her face brimmed with affection. “This child ought to have more friends. Just look at how normal she is behaving.”

Yan Rusheng disregarded her remarks and instead lowered his head to plant a kiss on her lips. “Didn’t you hear what she said earlier? She also agreed that your husband is good-looking.”

Since he had been tending to the decor arrangements, receiving the guests and entertaining them, he hadn’t been in close proximity with her for the past couple of hours.

Now that he had the opportunity to stand next to her, he gave her a kiss as a reward for himself for all the hard work before going off to entertain the guests again.

Xuxu’s face darkened. She shoved him away and threw him a glare. “Can you save some face for yourself in front of so many people?”

Yan Rusheng licked the corners of his mouth and flashed a devilish smile. “I’ve already told you before. I only need you. I don’t need any face.”

Then, he took one step closer to Xuxu and stretched out his hand to embrace her waist. “Alright. Alright. Lu Yinan and the rest wanted to play mahjong. You join them too.”

Xuxu shook her head in rejection. “I don’t want to play.”

She didn’t want to gamble with that bunch of young masters, who enjoyed engaging in lecherous conversations.

Yan Rusheng quipped, “Just treat it as if you’re helping me entertain the guests. There are so many people walking around here. What if you get trampled by them?”

He moved his hand down to Xuxu’s stomach. The two little fellows seemed to be growing fast in her womb that her stomach was getting bigger by the day.

Hearing this, Xuxu took a look at the noisy and crowded hall and agreed that he made sense. She nodded and replied, “Alright then.”

“Good baby.” Yan Rusheng lightly kissed Xuxu on her forehead.

He’s at it again.

A wave of goosebumps covered Xuxu’s body. ‘Why is this fellow so disgusting?’

She would still prefer that he called her dumb woman instead of using terms like darling, good baby and so on.

She just couldn’t get used to all his sudden mushy words.

Lu Yinan and the rest were already in the room when Yan Rusheng walked Xuxu over. When he opened the door, the room was billowing with smoke.

He frowned. “Please stop smoking. Xuxu is here to play mahjong with all of you.”

He walked Xuxu in and left the door opened to dispel the smoke.

Lu Yinan waved his hand and quipped, “It’s alright. It’s alright. We’ve already found a player.”

As he said that, a towering figure walked in.

Xuxu turned back to look—it was Jiang Zhuoheng. She cheerfully called out, “Ah Heng.”

She knew that Jiang Zhuoheng was already around but since she was busy, she didn’t manage to catch a glimpse of him until now.

Jiang Zhuoheng smiled back at her. “Xuxu.”

Young Master Yan would turn jealous each time he saw Xuxu and Jiang Zhuoheng speaking to each other. Instinctively, he hugged Xuxu’s waist and stood rooted on the same spot.

Jiang Zhuoheng walked past the two of them and headed straight for the mahjong table.

Lu Yinan gestured to him to sit down. “Ah Heng, can you stop dawdling?”

Each time Jiang Zhuoheng was seen at the mahjong table, without a doubt, he was forced to play.

After Jiang Zhuoheng sat down, Zhou Shuang, who was seated opposite to him, reminded, “Ah Heng, Sissy Lu and I already agreed that the loser will have to drink. Are you game? Otherwise, we’ll change the players.”

Before Jiang Zhuoheng could respond, a chilly voice could be heard coming from the door. “Cousin, take them on. Who’s afraid of them?”

Miss Xin arrived in a high-profile manner with arms crossed. Her high-heeled shoes produced loud thuds as she walked. One could imagine the amount of strength she exerted while walking.

She walked over to Jiang Zhuoheng and looked down at Zhou Shuang in a condescending manner. “If my cousin loses, I’ll drink on his behalf. What’s there to be smug about?”