Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 898

Chapter 898 Accidentally Caught On Camera

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Zhou Shuang was speechless.

She was merely giving Jiang Zhuoheng a friendly reminder. Which of them were truly the smug one?

‘Forget it. No point haggling with this arrogant clown.’

Zhou Shuang turned on the automatic mahjong table and loud clattering sounds of the mahjong tiles was heard. The atmosphere also warmed up.

After the tiles were shuffled, Ming Ansheng looked at Zhou Shuang as he was arranging his tiles. “Zhou Shuang, let’s make things clear first. Don’t accuse us of bullying a lady later on.”

Zhou Shuang heroically waved her hand. “It won’t happen”

Lu Yinan, who was seated opposite mocked, “Ming Ansheng, what did you say? Is there a lady here? Do you see a lady?”

Zhou Shuang wasn’t offended. Instead, she fixed her gaze at Lu Yinan and snapped back, “You’re the woman seated here. Ming Ansheng is not blind.”

With the two of them around, the occasion was never boring.

There was an empty chair by the side, and Xuxu pulled it over to sit behind Jiang Zhuoheng as she stared at his tiles.

“I thought you were supposed to continue with entertaining the guests? Why are you still standing here?”

After some time, Xuxu raised her head and saw that Yan Rusheng was still standing next to her. Hence, she asked in bewilderment.

Young Master Yan wanted to click his tongue at her. ‘How am I supposed to entertain in peace when you are seated behind Jiang Zhuoheng?’

He asked, “Do you want to go and take a look at Su Yue?”

Hearing this, Ming Ansheng laughed and lifted his head to look at him. He then averted his eyes to Xuxu with a frown gracing his lips. “You should be taking good care of the birthday girl. Why are you seated here instead?”

If she were to continue to sit behind Ah Heng, Yan Rusheng’s legs would remain rooted to the ground the entire night.

Xuxu seemed to understand the underlying meaning and her face darkened. She stood up and threw an icy glare at Yan Rusheng before walking towards the door.

As Yan Rusheng looked at her pretending to be furious, his lips curled up into a sly smile.

And he leisurely trailed after her.

As the two of them stepped out of the room, they ran into Su Yue who was holding hands with Bai Jing. They were walking toward them.

Xuxu smiled and went forward, “Yueyue.”

She noticed that Bai Jing had changed into a long yellow skirt, and her ponytail was also twisted into a bun. Her face seemed to have been freshly cleaned and smeared with skincare products since it appeared more moistened than before.

She looked more vitalized and exquisite.

Su Yue tightly held on to her hand and Xuxu could tell that she had regarded this girl as her friend. She cared a lot for her.

“Third sister-in-law.” Holding Bai Jing’s hand, Su Yue walked over to Xuxu. She pointed to her clothes and asked with a smile. “Look, I helped to doll her up. Is it nice?”

Xuxu nodded. “Nice.”

Seeing the wide grin on Su Yue’s face, she felt heartened.


Suddenly, Su Yan’s voice could be heard coming from behind. Even though he was calling out to Su Yue, Xuxu instinctively turned around and Su Yan’s camera accidentally captured her on shot.

A crafty smile flashed across Su Yan’s eyes. He then looked with satisfaction at the photo that he had taken.

“That is my brother.”

Su Yan had been busying going around to take photos. He wanted to be the official photographer at his sister’s coming of age birthday party, so he had to capture the entire occasion.

Su Yue held on to Bai Jing’s hand and walked up to Su Yan.

Bai Jing politely bowed at Su Yan and addressed him as ‘brother’ as Su Yue did.

Su Yue pointed to Bai Jing and introduced her to Su Yan. “Bai Jing, my best friend that I’ve mentioned to you before.”

Su Yan nodded his head before raising his camera and smiled. “Stand closer to each other. I’ll take a shot of you.”

“Okay.” Su Yue held Bai Jing’s hand and moved a few steps back.

Seeing the happy look in her face, Xuxu and Su Yan couldn’t help but felt comfortable.