Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 899

Chapter 899 Sissy Lu Drink Up

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Su Yue was becoming more like sunshine.

Xuxu thought everything would become better and it definitely will.

Su Yue held Bai Jing’s hand and maneuvered through the ballroom looking for food instead of mingling with the guests.

Xuxu felt that she was falling short of stamina lately. Just briefly following behind them left her exhausted and she said, “Yueyue, I’m going back to my room to rest. You can continue to show Bai Jing around here.”

Su Yue nodded. “Okay.”

She had her eyes set on a row of pink colored cocktails. Xuxu noticed this and warned her with a stern voice. “Those are alcohol and you’re not allowed to drink.”

Su Yue replied with an ‘oh’ and immediately moved away.

It relieved Xuxu, and she left.

As Bai Jing watched Xuxu leave, she said to Su Yue with envy, “Su Yue, I really envy you. You have so many people who dote on you.”

Su Yue pursed her lips. “Actually, it also feels surreal to me.”

Before she left Country Y and met her Third sister-in-law, she had never imagined that she would one day become a little princess that was doted upon by so many people.

Until now, she still had the feeling that everything wasn’t real at times. She was afraid that she would be like Cinderella, where her pumpkin would suddenly vanish.

“Thank you for regarding me as your friend,” said Bai Jing with an earnest tone of voice as she held Su Yue’s hand.

“I also want to thank you for treating me as your friend. You’re the first person to regard me as your good friend.” Su Yue said, “In the past, no one was willing to play with me.”

Bai Jing didn’t believe her. “You are pretty and your family is rich. How come no one wanted to play with you?”

She watched Su Yue with the look of envy still written on her face.

“Don’t talk about this anymore. Let’s have something to eat.” Su Yue didn’t want to share her past experience in Country Y with other people and smiled to divert the topic. “Next time, I’ll frequently bring nice food to school for you.”

Bai Jing was touched by her offer. She said, “Su Yue, you’re so nice but I’ve nothing to offer you.”

She bowed her head, feeling inferior and looking at the skirt, pretty leather shoes and the bracelet that she was wearing—all of them belonged to Su Yue.

“What are you talking about?” Su Yue knitted her eyebrows. “We’re good friends.”

Then she reached out to hold Bai Jing’s hand and smirked. “I heard that the hooligan sister is playing mahjong. I’ll bring you over to have a look in a while.”

The two sisters maneuvered through the crowd, holding hands.

Many people nodded and greeted Su Yue, but she took a quick glance and ignored them.

She still wasn’t comfortable socializing with people or rather, she didn’t know how to communicate with them.

“Sissy Lu, drink up.”

Everyone was in high spirits from the mahjong game, and they drank glass after glass of alcohol. By now, Young Master Lu’s face resembled a cooked prawn.

Zhou Shuang didn’t look better either. Both her eyes had turned bloodshot.

However, Jiang Zhuoheng and Ming Ansheng were still calm and unperturbed. There was a hint of a smile at the corners of their mouth.

So, getting them to be mahjong players was actually intentionally looking for trouble.

Xuxu sat behind Zhou Shuang and seeing her swaying left and right instead of sitting still, Jiang Zhuoheng got worried. “Xuxu, change a seat and sit behind Ming Ansheng.”

“Hey you, what—what’s wrong with sitting behind me?” Zhou Shuang stuttered in her words.

After that, she picked a tile and was about to hurl it at Jiang Zhuoheng.

Jiang Zhuoheng seemed to have anticipated what Zhou Shuang would do, so he stretched out his agile hand to catch it.

Xuxu also felt that she should move away from this alcoholic. Hence, she grabbed a chair and pushed it to behind Ming Ansheng.