Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 900

Chapter 900 The Two Women Broke Into A Fight

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It annoyed Xin Yanting to see Zhou Shuang hurling the mahjong tile at Jiang Zhuoheng. She snarled, “Woman, why do you always behave so disgracefully when you gamble or after you drink?”

Her expression was full of disdain.

Zhou Shuang raised her head and looked at her. “Hey, haughty brainless woman. What are you trying to say?”

“What?” When Xin Yanting heard the way Zhou Shuang addressed her, she exploded, “You called me a brainless woman?”

She couldn’t come to terms with such an appellation.

She should be the arrogant princess instead, a princess okay?!

“I shouldn’t lower myself to a brainless woman like you. Let’s continue.” Zhou Shuang was still level-headed and didn’t want to degrade herself to argue with the brainless Xin Yanting. She averted her gaze from her and looked at the tiles in front of her instead.

However, Miss Xin had already flown into a rage.

She rushed forward and glared hard at Zhou Shuang and asked, “I dare you to repeat yourself.”

“Yanting!” Jiang Zhuoheng yelled at her.

Xin Yanting pouted in displeasure. “Cousin.”

Jiang Zhuoheng added, “Either you come back here and sit down or you can leave this room.”

His tone was decisive.

Although Xin Yanting feared Jiang Zhuoheng, she couldn’t take it lying down. Hence, she took a peek at Zhou Shuang’s tiles and said to Lu Yinan, “Cousin Lu, she’s waiting for the three bamboo tile to win.”

When he heard this, Lu Yinan laughed. “Tomboy, you’re waiting for the three bamboo tiles? Don’t even dream of winning in this lifetime.”

Zhou Shuang’s temper rose. She pushed away all her tiles and stood up to glare at Xin Yanting and snapped. “Why are you so annoying, brainless fool?”

After shouting at her, she extended her hand and gave her a hard push.

Xin Yanting didn’t let her off either. She stretched out her hand to yank her hair and the two of them started wrestling each other. A catfight soon broke out.

The men immediately rushed forward to stop them.

Xuxu stood by the side and looked at them with anxiety imbued in her orbs. She wanted to go forward to intervene but didn’t dare to as they were fighting.

“You go out first.” Jiang Zhuoheng walked over to her and placed his hands on her shoulder. He pushed her out of the door.

He didn’t want any mishap to happen to Xuxu.

But Xuxu couldn’t set her heart at ease and said, “You two.”

Jiang Zhuoheng comforted her with a soft tone of voice. “They will be fine. Can’t a few of us stop them?”

“What’s happening?”

While outside, Yan Rusheng heard the commotion and rushed in. But what he saw was Jiang Zhuoheng placing both of his hands on Xuxu’s shoulder, and he was looking at her with longingness in his eyes.

A streak of jealousy flashed across his eyes. As he walked forward to Xuxu, Jiang Zhuoheng retracted his hands and turned around to stop the fight.

Yan Rusheng saw the two women engaged in a brawl, and asked Xuxu, “What happened?”

Xuxu replied, “They had explosive tempers, and a fight broke out when they couldn’t agree with each other.”

Yan Rusheng didn’t continue asking and also didn’t go forward to stop the fight. He merely stood beside Xuxu, calm and unperturbed.

Seeing the two women he loathed fighting each other, how he’d wish that he could go forward to fan the flame.

But if he had to choose a winner between the two of them, he would definitely choose Zhou Shuang.

This was because Xin Yanting was indescribably hateful.

The hint of a smile at the corners of his mouth betrayed his feelings and Xuxu gave him a fierce look of contempt. “Your little lover is engaged in a catfight with someone. Didn’t your heart ached?”

Yan Rusheng’s face darkened. “If you want it now, we can return to our room straight away, and I’ll satisfy you to your heart’s content.”

Xuxu immediately clamped up.

In the meantime, the men had neglected the fact that the women who were engaged in a catfight were extremely scary.

Xin Yanting and Zhou Shuang had their arms around each other and were yanking each other’s hair. They were stuck together like superglue, and there was no way to separate them.