Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 901

Chapter 901 So Disgusting

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Both Xin Yanting and Zhou Shuang were consumed with rage and took no notice of Jiang Zhuoheng even if he already raised his voice.

“Come quickly! Someone is fighting!”

Su Yue dragged Bai Jing in as she overheard the waitresses saying that someone was fighting in the room.

She instantly abandoned her food.

When she entered, she saw Zhou Shuang and Xin Yanting wrestling each other on the floor. Her nervousness turned into glee within seconds.

She wondered who was fighting and incredibly, she was excited to see that it was the both of them.

“Sister hooligan, hang in there!”

Su Yue dashed past Yan Rusheng and Xuxu after releasing Bai Jing’s hand. She squeezed herself into the crowd.

Bai Jing halted her footsteps when she was next to Yan Rusheng. She peered at him with apprehension. Instinctively, she immediately averted her eyes.

Su Yue noticed Su Yue rushing in and called out in haste, “Yueyue, come back!”

She was about to dart after her when Yan Rusheng stopped her.

Su Yue was petite, and she made her way easily through the crowd. Xin Yanting had pinned down Zhou Shuang. Su Yue squatted and yelled, “Sister hooligan, you must win!”

All of them were speechless.

“Little pretentious one, help me!” Zhou Shuang was tipsy and couldn’t really muster her strength. She really couldn’t get up after Xin Yanting had pinned her down

Su Yue heard her but shook her head and innocently answered, “I can’t help you. This is unfair.”

“Ugly woman, how dare you ask for help when you can’t even defeat me!” Xin Yanting sat down on Zhou Shuang and yanked her hair with one hand while the other clenched her collar. She looked at her with a victorious posture and mocked.

“Clown! Brainless and dumb woman, I’m going to teach you a good lesson!” Zhou Shuang gritted her teeth with determination and wanted to sit up.

All of a sudden, she puked. Her mouth seemed like it was shooting secret weapons and everything came flying out from her mouth.

Her vomit splashed on Xin Yanting’s face.

Everyone around them seemed petrified, and Xin Yanting stared at her in shock. She was as still as a statue.

Only Su Yue reacted. After staring at Xin Yanting’s face, she smiled and burst in raucous laughter. She pressed her belly and laughed non-stop.

It was the first time anyone had seen her laughing so happily and exaggeratedly.

She laid down on the floor and simply laughed until her belly hurts.

Ming Ansheng noticed her and went to help her. “Silly girl, your dress is dirty.”

With his strength, it took him no effort to lift Su Yue up. He gently reprimanded her while wiping her dress carefully to remove the specks of vomit.

He used his handkerchief and didn’t mind the vomit. He was being very thoughtful and careful as he cleaned her dress.

“It’s so disgusting.” Su Yue was pressed her belly while her other hand covered her mouth. She was tearing up when she noticed Ming Ansheng staring at her with a cold expression. She rubbed her eyes and breathlessly asked, “Uncle, don’t you find it hilarious?”

Ming Ansheng broke into a smile and stared at her solemnly with a hint of affection. “If you continue laughing, you’ll turn dumb.”

Then he used his handkerchief and gently slapped Su Yue’s head. He then grabbed her arm and led her to Xuxu. “Bring your friend outside. This isn’t for children.”


Xin Yanting finally reacted but the moment she opened her mouth, she froze once more. The specks of vomit dripped into her mouth.