Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 902

Chapter 902 Was This Young Lass Dreaming About Love?

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Lu Yinan who was also drunk caught sight of the vomit and began to puke as well.

It was simply too disgusting.

Zhou Shuang felt so much better after puking out all. She caught Xin Yanting off guard, pushed her away and sat up.

Her own clothes were all dirty and no one volunteered to help her.

With no one to help her, she stood up, swaying a little. She gulped down another bottle of wine and the alcohol began to kick in once more.

She stumbled unsteadily to the door and she saw many double images. It took her a while to recognize Xuxu. “Where… where is my room?”

When Yan Rusheng saw Zhou Shuang approaching them, he hastily pulled Xuxu away as though she was the plague. He didn’t want his wife to suffer the same consequences as Xin Yanting.

Xuxu replied, “Room 609, I’ll bring you there.”

She was about to step forward towards Zhou Shuang when Yan Rusheng stopped her. “Look at her horrible drunken state. She might cause you to trip if you help her.”

Without saying anything else, Xuxu shoved Yan Rusheng towards Zhou Shuang. “Then you should help her instead.”

Yan Rusheng had an utter look of disbelief on his face. “You want me to help this dirty and disgusting hooligan?”

Didn’t she know that he was obsessed with cleanliness?

“Then I guess I need to help her.” Xuxu shrugged lightly and darted forward once more.

“Let me do it.” Jiang Zhuoheng interjected and stretched his hand to help Zhou Shuang.

Xuxu’s eyes met his and she smiled. “I’ll lead the way.”

Sensing imminent ‘danger’, Yan Rusheng frowned and pursed his lips. After an intense struggle, he closed his eyes and shoved Jiang Zhuoheng aside. “I’ll do it.”

He grabbed Zhou Shuang’s arms and exerted unnecessary strength as he gnashed his teeth.

“Ahhh… so painful!” Zhou Shuang yelled out in pain and glared at Yan Rusheng furiously. “Yan Rusheng! Are you trying to murder me?!”

Yan Rusheng saw that she had spun her face to face him and he immediately shunned away. “Don’t look at me! Look ahead.”

Her mouth was full of ‘weapons’. Deadly, disgusting weapons.

Xuxu was concealing her laughter.

Bai Jing inched towards Su Yue when she witnessed this scene. She smiled as she whispered, “Your third brother really listens to your third sister-in-law.”

Su Yue nodded. “Certainly! My third brother loves my third sister-in-law dearly.”

“Your third sister-in-law is such a lucky woman.” Bai Jing gazed at Xuxu enviously.

It was every girl’s dream to find a handsome and suave prince who loves her.

“Third sister-in-law said that I will be able to find a boyfriend who loves me very much in future.” Su Yue said dreamily as well.

Was this young lass dreaming about love as well?

Su Yue’s words caught the attention of Ming Ansheng who was walking past as he supported Ming Ansheng. He began to wonder silently about the minds of eighteen year old girls.

He spun his head and glanced at Su Yue. Her exquisite face was so perfect, just like a Barbie doll. What kind of a guy would she fall in love with?

Usually, the school beauty would be paired with the most handsome guy in school. If she enters university, that should be the situation.

Lu Yinan began to puke once more.

Ming Ansheng’s thoughts were disrupted by Lu Yinan. After dragging him out, Ming Ansheng said coldly to him. “You can finish puking first. After you’re done, I’ll bring you back to your room.”

If the same situation of what Zhou Shuang had done to Xin Yanting, he might not be able to eat for the rest of the year.

As he spoke, he rearranged his clothes casually.

“Brother, brother! Snap a photo of him!” Su Yue ran towards them as she stared at Lu Yinan.

She even implored Su Yan who was nearby to snap a photo of Young Master Lu’s pathetic-looking state.