Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 903

Chapter 903 Shut Your Mouth Now

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The corners of Ming Ansheng’s mouth twitched as his eyes landed on her pretty face. There was an unknown strange sensation in his heart that tickled him, and he had no idea how to stop it.

When someone was fighting, she would be fine by herself and not try to stop the chaos, but this time around she had to fan the flames.

She was the type to snap a photo of a drunk person instead of helping them.

‘This innocent-looking girl, in reality, is evil!’

Ming Ansheng thought to himself while he gritted his teeth. Without knowing, his outstretched hands were already moving towards Su Yue’s slender waist.

“Brother, come quickly!”

She suddenly called for Su Yan when his hand was about to touch her.

Ming Ansheng swiftly withdrew his hand. A surge of guilt passed through him as though he had been caught in an illegal act.

‘F*ck! That few drinks earlier must have muddled my brain,’ he thought to himself.

He hit his head as hard as he could to wake himself up, and it was really loud.

Su Yue heard him, so she spun herself around and looked at him with curious eyes. “Why did you hit yourself?”

“Nothing much. Go play with your friend.” Ming Ansheng shook his head, and he instinctively stole a glance at Su Yue’s friend Bai Jing.

He felt guilty once more as his eyes met Bai Jing’s clear, innocent-looking eyes.‘Did she saw what happened earlier on?’

Ming Ansheng was frustrated with himself. Why did he act so unlike himself?

He stretched both hands and tried to mimic his earlier movements, but this time, his intended target was Lu Yinan.

He thought that if Su Yue’s friend had seen him earlier, she might have assumed that he wanted to support Lu Yinan.

This was the first time Ming Ansheng had an overwhelming sense of guilt. He had always been decisive and swift when it comes to making decisions and if he made up his mind, he would do it for sure.

“Lu Yinan, stop being a disgrace here and let me bring you back to your room.”

He grabbed Lu Yinan’s arm and walked in the direction of his room. He didn’t throw a second look at Su Yue, perhaps out of guilt or—

“Where is that tomboy?! I want to make sure she dies from drinking!” Lu Yinan grunted as he stumbled.

Ming Ansheng sneered, “Just drop it. You’re the one who is almost dead.”

And it was quite unbelievable that Zhou Shuang had thrown up all over Xin Yanting’s face.

As the thought came across Ming Ansheng, his mind wandered to Su Yue who was laughing until she collapsed on the floor.

Her long and slender legs were as fair as porcelain, and her face seemed so supple and soft as though a tap on her skin would burst it.

Suddenly, he couldn’t control how his brain worked. There was a ball of first burning inside of him. A new fire seemed to have consumed his body that very instant.

“Ansheng… Let’s… drink some more,” Lu Yinan mumbled repeatedly into Ming Ansheng’s ear.

Getting impatient, Ming Ansheng snapped, “Stop it, shut your mouth now.”

His tone sounded fierce since he was already impatient.

Actually, he wasn’t annoyed with Lu Yinan but rather with himself. The drinks he had earlier on must have muddled up his feeling at that moment.

He shook his head in sheer desperation to force himself to stop thinking. If he must think, then, it should be some other woman.

After all, he was already 26 years old, and he had to entertain often. It was impossible that he had no prior experience.

Ming Ansheng found the room card in Lu Yinan’s pockets and brought him inside. He got a hot towel and wiped his face before leaving.

Ming Ansheng bumped into Yan Rusheng and Wen Xuxu when they came out of Zhou Shuang’s room. Ming Ansheng smiled and helplessly shook his head. “The two enemies had completely defeated us.”

Tonight, all of them had suffered because of both of them. The next time, they would make sure to escape as far as possible.