Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 905

Chapter 905 Dont Starve My Son

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"Yes, I dont like how you always do that." Xuxu nodded and snarled, "Why do you have to deliberately put on an act in front of Ah Heng?"

She saw Ah Heng standing behind them earlier on and knew for certain that Yan Rusheng must have seen him as well.

He knew that Ah Heng still loved her, and yet Yan Rusheng kept trying to flaunt their marriage.

He was always trying to flaunt.

Yan Rushengs face visibly darkened.

Xuxu had chided him because she cared for Jiang Zhuohengs feelings. He was certainly upset with her and he sneered, "Ive also acted the same way when we met Zhao Zheng. You didnt seem so angry. So concerned?"

"How could you compare Zhao Zheng with Ah Heng?" Xuxu got agitated. She goaded him, "In your heart, are Zhao Zheng and Ah Heng equally important?"

They had grown up together, and their friendship went a long way back. How could he compare Zhao Zheng to Ah Heng?

She had always thought that the reason he was being hostile towards Ah Heng was because of her. But she knew that deep in his heart, he had always treated him as his best friend.

But she never thought that he would compare his friend to Zhao Zheng.

Yan Rusheng remained stony-faced. "Wen Xuxu, tell me. In your heart, who is Jiang Zhuoheng to you?"

Xuxu replied with pure honesty, "He is my best friend in this lifetime. And Ah Heng always respected me."

Yan Rusheng instantly sat up after hearing her words. He threw a piercing gaze at the woman who had her back towards him. He clenched his fists in fury, trying his best to suppress his rage and the urge to yell. "Does that mean that I dont respect you? And he treats you better than I do?"

"Yan Rusheng, youre being ridiculous." Xuxu intended to ignore Yan Rusheng and pulled the blanket over her head.

Livid, Yan Rusheng rose and stormed off.


After slamming the door shut, the room fell silent. Xuxu lifted her blanket and peered at the door.

Suddenly, she felt a pang of remorse. She should have used another way to persuade him. All she wanted was for him to stop engaging in such childish behavior.

The person he was always mean to was Ah Heng, the person who had always looked out for her. She had repeatedly given him hope and yet let him down, time after time.

Yan Rusheng always acted so intimately on purpose whenever Jiang Zhuoheng was around. Every time he does, she would sense that Yan Rusheng was mocking and taunting Jiang Zhuoheng.

Ah Heng didnt do anything at all.

Xuxu was feeling conflicted. On one hand, she felt that she shouldnt have flared up at Yan Rusheng, but on the other hand, she felt that she was being reasonable.

She was very conflicted and frustrated.

She climbed up and slumped against the bed, and she furrowed her eyebrows.

Time began to pass, and she began to get restless. She wanted to head outside to check on Yan Rusheng for he might have gone for a drink to vent his anger.

Xuxu flung the blanket aside and got off the bed.

She had wanted to go to the bathroom before she went looking for Yan Rusheng.

However, the door flew open and a towering figure entered, giving Xuxu quite a shock.

"You can starve but dont starve my son." The man held a platter filled with food.

He solemnly said with an impassive expression as he walked to her.

Xuxu smiled with glistening eyes. She strode over and tightly hugged him. "Ah Sheng, Im sorry."

"That fellow is drinking with Ming Ansheng in good spirits," Yan Rusheng sneered and shoved Xuxu aside. "Dont try to pacify me right now. Im only here to feed my son."