Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 907

Chapter 907 What Did You Wish For?

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“Get a chauffeur to send this lady home,” Yan Rusheng commanded, pointing at Bai Jing.


“Hurry, let’s cut the cake now. You’re here to celebrate Su Yue’s birthday, so how could you leave without having some cake?” Xuxu said without a tinge of arrogance, smiling as she held onto Bai Jing’s elbow.

Feeling utterly embarrassed, Bai Jing slightly bowed her head.

Xuxu looked at Su Yue and suggested, “Yueyue, let’s cut the cake.”

Su Yue eagerly nodded her head. “Sure, I’ll cut it now,” she replied.

The cake was on the stage. She grabbed Bai Jing’s arm and pulled her along. She also wanted Bai Jing to have some cake before she left.

All their gazes shifted to rest on Su Yue—the star of the night—when she went on stage. Her pink dress flailed in the air, making her look like a little princess who had walked out of a fairytale.

She had caught the eyes of many young and single bachelors present.

The Yan family had such a beautiful teenage girl—it was no surprise that everyone was in awe of her good looks. She even became the talk of the party.

“Why does the Yan family have such good genes? Each of the Young Masters is more charming than before, and even the illegitimate children are so good-looking.”

“They’re more than good-looking. This young lass looks like a man-made doll. Look at her—flawless from head to toe.”

“Although she’s an illegitimate daughter, she’s ultimately still a part of the Yan family. Coupled with her good looks, she definitely has a bright future ahead of her.”

“Exactly, my nephew attends the same school as her. I heard that among the male students from the third year alone, already half of the population wanted to court her.”

‘Among the male students from the third year alone, half of the population wanted to court her?’

Ming Ansheng and Jiang Zhuoheng, wine glasses in their hands, were seated with the noblewomen who were discussing Su Yue. When he heard that half of the boys in the third year wanted to court Su Yue, he furrowed his eyebrows.

‘Can she handle having so many suitors?’

“It seems like being good-looking is also troublesome,” Jiang Zhuoheng, who was sitting beside him, suddenly commented.

His tone held a deeper meaning.

“Are you talking about yourself?” Ming Ansheng mocked with a smile on his face.

Since middle school, Young Master Jiang had no lack of female suitors—not inclusive of those who liked him in secret.

Jiang Zhuoheng smiled, lifting his wine glass and taking a sip.

Ming Ansheng shifted his gaze back to the stage. The beautiful chandelier reflected in his eyes, just like a blanket of stars that gave off a dazzling light.

The candles on the 10-layer cake were lit one by one—18 of them in total. The lights in the main lobby suddenly turned off.

Su Yue instinctively stretched her arm and grabbed on to Xuxu’s arm tightly.

“Don’t be scared, the lights will turn back on after you’ve made a wish and blow out the candles,” Xuxu whispered in her ear, comforting her.

Her heart ached. Su Yue had told her that it was the first time she had celebrated her birthday this way. In the past, all the other kids in the orphanage celebrated their birthdays, except her.

Ever since she left the orphanage, Su Yan would buy a cake for her on her birthday, but she would only eat it in secret.

After hearing Xuxu’s words, she relaxed. Facing the cake, she closed her eyes, then blew out the candles.

The lights turned on.

Xuxu smiled as she whispered in her ear, “Yueyue, what did you wish for just now?”

Su Yue looked at her in uncertainty. “If I say it out, won’t it come true?”

‘I didn’t think she would know about this.’ Xuxu smiled and decided to let it go.

“Time to cut the cake.”

“Mmm,” Su Yue agreed, nodding her head. Extending her hand, she grabbed the birthday cake knife. With her other hand, she held Bai Jing’s hand.

“Let’s cut the cake together.”

Holding the knife and Bai Jing’s hand, Su Yue sliced the cake in one swift motion.