Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 908

Chapter 908 Call Off The Marriage? Over My Dead Body

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Su Yan was taking photos for them offstage.

Yan Rusheng was standing in front of the crowd, and Xuxu was standing right beside her. At that moment, Su Yue felt like the happiest girl in the world.

A radiant smile framed her small face, like the rising sun—fresh and full of life and vitality.

‘It must be the strong alcohol taking a toll on me. That must be it.’

Ming Ansheng hurriedly retracted his gaze. Fragments of all the times he had spent with Su Yue flooded his mind. Especially the time when she clung on to him for her dear life after he had saved her from the hands of that bunch of crooks.

His body quickly temperature rose. He raised his wine glass, finishing his drink in one gulp. He stood up, then told Jiang Zhuoheng, “I need to rest. I’ll make my way back to the room first.”

Immediately, he made a beeline to the door of the main lobby.

Xuxu had chosen their rooms. The few of them, who were well-acquainted, had rooms either adjacent to or opposite to each other.

Ming Ansheng’s room was opposite Lu Yinan’s. As he walked towards his room, he took out his room card. Subconsciously, he glanced over at Lu Yinan’s room. He frowned in uncertainty.

Lu Yinan’s room door was ajar. He walked over and glanced inside.

‘Why did this fellow leave his door open?’

The room was quiet. He took a few steps in, and his gaze swept through the suite of rooms, including the washroom. But there was no sign of Lu Yinan.

‘Could he have gone to the main lobby?’

‘Forget it, leave him alone.’ He had originally planned to close the door for Lu Yinan if he found him sleeping.

Ming Ansheng shook his head, walking out of Lu Yinan’s room and into his own.

He opened and closed his room door.

He went straight for the bed, sprawling onto it. He closed his eyes and tried to clear his mind.

He didn’t expect to see Su Yue’s cute and dainty figure the moment he closed his eyes.

His body’s reaction to her became stronger and stronger.

His heart was pounding wildly, and he just couldn’t calm down.

And it felt like this time, his body’s reaction wouldn’t just go away by waiting it out.

Troubled, Ming Ansheng sat up. There was a box of cigarettes and a lighter on the bedside drawer. Opening the box, he retrieved a cigarette and lighted it. He walked to the window, drew the curtains, opened the windows, letting the cool night breeze enter the room, brushing past him.

However, it wasn’t of any damn use.

He thought that it must have been because he hadn’t fulfilled his needs for too long.

Immediately, he retrieved his phone from his pocket and dialed a number, placing it against his ear.

Melodious ringtone flooded his ears. The call was answered on the first ring. A gentle and lovely female voice answered.

“Young Master Ming.”

“Hongcheng Hotel, Room 610,” Ming Ansheng said coldly.

From how she sounded, the female on the other end definitely became excited.

“Yes, Young Master Ming, please wait a moment, I’ll immediately…”

Ming Ansheng hung up without waiting for her to finish.

He looked outside the window, his eyes full of darkness and mixed feelings.

‘Love? What is love? When your business is collapsing and in a tottering position, can love save you?’

‘I don’t care how many girls you find outside. But I will never allow you to marry any girl that you would bring home.’

‘You want to call off the marriage? Over my dead body!’

Ming Ansheng took a deep whiff of the cigarette. All the conflicted feelings in his eyes were replaced with a blazing coldness, as though covered with a layer of frost.

‘Ming Ansheng, you can only play. You can’t love.’

The car was long ready and the chauffeur was already waiting by the main lobby entrance. Wen Xuxu and Su Yue sent Bai Jing off.