Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 910

Chapter 910 There's No One In There

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“Third Master, Third Madam Yan, we’ll be moving first.”

It just so happened that someone walked past them and instantly greeted them. Xuxu politely nodded and replied, “Thank you for coming. See you soon.”

She took this opportunity to divert Su Yue’s attention. “Your Third Brother and Brother are greeting some guests, let’s go over them.”

The guests left one after the other, and those that remained were the familiar guests that roamed around.

Xuxu glanced at the empty banquet hall and walked over to Yan Rusheng, heaving a sigh of relief.

“It’s finally over. I’m dead beat.”

Yan Rusheng looked at Su Yue, asking, “You sent your little companion off?”

Su Yue nodded. “Mm.”

Su Yan walked over and helped Su Yue sweep away the stray hairs that had fallen across her forehead. With his eyes full of adoration and affection, he asked her, “Did you have fun today?”

“Definitely.” Su Yue moved closer to Su Yan. “Brother, let me see the photos that you took. When you get home later, send me the photo that you took of me with Bai Jing. I’ll show it to her tomorrow, she’ll be very happy for sure.”

Su Yan nodded his head, “Sure.”

He adjusted the camera to gallery mode and passed it to Su Yue.

Su Yue took the camera and walked over to the sofa. She sat down and browsed through the hundreds of photos and videos in the gallery.

“Young Master Ming, I’m done with my shower.” The woman walked out of the washroom in a huge bathrobe. She had tied the strings of the bathrobe loosely on purpose, revealing her collarbone and subtly showing off her breasts.

Ming Ansheng was leaning on the sofa, watching coldly as the woman strutted towards him.

When she neared, he shifted his position.

“Young Master Ming” she cooed, sitting down beside him. Her hands winding around his waist. She peered up at him, sending him soft glances.

She had showered, but her makeup was untouched, showing off her bright red lips. She had also specially sprayed some perfume on, so the scent of a mature woman lingered on her body.

Ming Ansheng stared at her face then suddenly grabbed her chin.

The woman’s eyes gleamed for a moment. She continued looking at Ming Ansheng, her eyes full of anticipation.

One of her hands was slowly retreating down his waist.

Ming Ansheng suddenly frowned. Annoyance flashed across his eyes. The woman noticed this and immediately halted in her actions.


Ming Ansheng lightly pushed her away, then suddenly stood up. With heavy footsteps, he walked towards the door.

“Young Master Ming,” the woman called after him in a sweet tone of voice, refusing to resign to her fate.

Ming Ansheng walked past her, as though he didn’t hear a thing. He didn’t even halt in his footsteps.

‘What had happened exactly?’ He thought that his mind was wandering because it had been too long since he had sex with a woman.

But when he saw that matured woman’s face, his mind flooded with Su Yue’s small, tender face instead.

Her eyelashes were studded with tears, and her eyes were cold.

Ming Ansheng felt like he was going crazy. Was he possessed?

He walked toward the banquet hall, feeling very vexed.

He entered. Only a few familiar faces remained in the large hallWen Xuxu, Yan Rusheng, Mu Li and her husband, Jiang Zhuoheng as well as Su Yan and his sister.

Ming Ansheng’s gaze quickly swept over Su Yue, not daring to linger on her for even a second. He looked at Yan Rusheng and asked, “Has everyone left?”

Yan Rusheng nodded his head. “Mmm.”

He then suddenly thought of something. He asked Ming Ansheng, “Do you know where Lu Yinan has gone? His door was open, and his room was empty.”

Ming Ansheng shook his head. He replied, “I also saw that his room door was open when I went back to my room earlier. But nobody was there and his coat was still inside.”