Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 913

Chapter 913 The Little Princess' Little Tiara

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She felt that it was already good enough.

‘It’s alright. I don’t feel much anyway…’

Her words brought tears to Xuxu’s eyes. Indeed, she never had the chance to celebrate her birthday with her parents, so there was nothing for her to compare with even if he didn’t turn up today. Hence, what kind of feelings was she expected to have?

Xuxu walked over to Su Yue and put her hand on her shoulders, patting it lightly. “Sit down and have a cup of tea.”

She then threw a cold gaze at Yan Weiye.

Yan Weiye hung his head down in guilt and walked towards the sofa and sat down.

Su Yue walked over and sat down about half a meter away from him, her head bowed as well.

The servant brought some tea over, and Su Yue picked up a cup and held it in her hand.

“I’ll go upstairs first.” Yan Rusheng didn’t linger further and strode towards the staircase.

Xuxu took a look at Su Yue and after some deliberation, she said, “Yueyue, I’m also going up to have my shower and sleep. You too have an early night.”

Su Yue nodded before looking at Yan Weiye. “Daddy, what do you want?”

Although she addressed Yan Weiye as ‘Daddy’ each time, it still merely sounded like an appellation with no emotions attached. It was only a code name that she used on him.

Yan Weiye sighed. “Eighteen already. You’re already eighteen.”

Come to think of it, his daughter was already eighteen, but the number of times that he had seen her could be counted on his fingers.

From her birth until she grew up, he wasn’t involved. Even after bringing her home, he still didn’t fulfill his duty as a father.

He didn’t say anything further and picked up the white paper bag on the coffee table. He took out a small pink box from it which was exquisitely wrapped in a red butterfly knot.

Yan Weiye took his time to open the box. There was a mini tiara in it which was studded with many diamonds that sparkled under the lights.

It was bright and dazzling.

He picked up the tiara with his hands and handed it to Su Yue. “Yueyue, whatever happens, you will always remain as daddy’s princess yesterday, today, and forever.”

Su Yue looked at that tiara with no trace of expression on her face. In fact, she looked cold and distant.

Since she didn’t stretch out her hands to receive it, Yan Weiye kept holding it in his hands.

After quite some time, Su Yue spoke, “I prefer the necklace that brother gave me.”

Hearing this, Yan Weiye averted his gaze to the shimmering necklace on Su Yue’s neck. It was a diamond pendant in the shape of the sun.

He knew that Su Yan was particularly fond of the sun.

He also knew that it was his wish that their lives would be filled with more sunshine, to be brighter and more beautiful.

“I’ve let you and your brother down.” Yan Weiye blamed himself and said, “Daddy is very happy to see your brother become so promising.”

After that, he placed the tiara back into the box before putting it on the coffee table. “It’s late and you have school tomorrow. Better have an early night.”

“Mm.” Su Yue nodded and stood up, but she didn’t walk away immediately. She was looking at the pink box on the coffee table quietly.

After a while, she bent over and picked up the box before striding towards the staircase.

Yan Weiye fixated his gaze at her and heaved a heavy sigh.

Su Yue clutched the box tightly in her hands as she walked on with heavy steps. There was an indescribable feeling of mixed emotions in her.

‘You don’t have a father. You’re an illegitimate child. Your father abandoned you. Your mother is shameless…’

‘Your father abandoned you. Your mother is shameless…’