Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 914

Chapter 914 Always Under Someones Authority

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The next morning, Xuxu heard a piece of explosive news—Lu Yinan and Zhou Shuang had slept together.

Ming Ansheng called Yan Rusheng and told him that the two were fighting in the hotel.

It was early in the morning, and the sun had barely risen.

Yan Rusheng and Wen Xuxu immediately changed and rushed to the hotel.

Yan Rusheng was laughing throughout the journey and Xuxu cut him off. But a moment later, he continued to shake with laughter.

“You female hooligan! You’re a pervert.” Lu Yinan glared at Zhou Shuang and his expression turned livid. He grabbed a blanket and tightly wrapped it around his body.

Zhou Shuang also grabbed the other corner of the blanket and wrapped herself in it.

Each sat at one corner of the bed. They had been arguing in that position for close to an hour. The smell of cigarette permeated the air.

The moment Zhou Shuang heard Lu Yinan scolding her, she fumed. “Damn you! This is my room and my bed. How dare you put the blame on me after you climbed onto my bed when I was unguarded?”

He should be thankful that she didn’t sue him for raping her, yet he had the cheek to accuse her of being shameless and a pervert.

Lu Yinan sneered. “If you didn’t seduce me, would have I gone to your room?”

Actually, he was also feeling puzzled and frustrated. Why did he go over to this hooligan’s room? What had gone wrong?

“Scram! Scram as far as possible!” Zhou Shuang gave Lu Yinan a hard kick under the blanket. “Even if all the men in the world are dead, I would rather use a cucumber than look for you, Sissy Lu.”

Lu Yinan taunted, “You have finally revealed your true colors. How could you even say such words? This goes to show that you have a deep hunger and thirst for men.”

“No use saying such things. The truth is, you are on my bed now. You tried ways and means to get me drunk so you could climb onto my bed, right?” Zhou Shuang sarcastically said, “You are just like those women who are scheming to climb onto a man’s bed. You’re the green tea bitch amongst the men, a white lotus who seems pure on the surface but is twisted and dark on the inside!”

Her tongue was sharp and mean, and she didn’t give Lu Yinan any chance to rebut. She couldn’t wait to drive him to his grave. “If you’re carrying a torch for me, just tell me frankly. Why do you need to resort to such underhand methods?”

Lu Yinan was so outraged that he almost puked blood. He opened his mouth and took a while before he spoke with a smile. “Then why are you pressing on my body?”

He added, “Even if all the women in the world are dead, I would never want a woman like you—shameless, flat-chested, and a flat butt.”

“Isn’t this my face?” Zhou Shuang patted her face. She slightly pulled down her blanket, revealing her cleavage and pointed. “Can’t you see this?”

Lu Yinan instantly covered his eyes with his hands. “Zhou Shuang, you’re downright shameless.”

Seeing his coy look, Zhou Shuang sneered. “That’s why your life will always be ordered around. You’ll always be under someone’s authority.”

“You.” Lu Yinan pointed his finger at Zhou Shuang. He was violently trembling with rage.

He felt that the hooligan had tainted and humiliated him. Why was she on top of him when he woke up?

It wasn’t logical.

“Scram! Get out of my room.” Zhou Shuang stood up in a flash with the blanket tightly wrapped around her. She stared at Lu Yinan with a look of disdain.

When she lifted her blanket, suddenly, there was not a stitch of cloth left on Lu Yinan’s body—he was stark naked.

He hollered, “Zhou Shuang, you still deny that you’re a hooligan?”

After that, he attempted to snatch back the blanket. But Zhou Shuang gave him a hard kick, and he fell off the bed.