Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 915

Chapter 915 What Other Excuses Can You Come Up With

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After that, she spun around in a haught and got off the bed. She then headed towards the bathroom.

Lu Yinan retrieved his shirt from the floor and put it on before searching for the rest of his clothes. He wore it all back piece by piece.

Zhou Shuang knitted her eyebrows, and she saw how awful she looked.

‘Damn it. What actually happened last night?’Why was her waist aching badly and her back in so much pain?

Especially in between her legs.

From the time she turned around and headed for the bathroom, her face had already turned crimson all the way to her neck. She felt embarrassed and vexed.

After Lu Yinan put on his clothes, he went up to Zhou Shuang and said, “Stay far away from me when you see me in the future.”

Zhou Shuang entered the bathroom and took the bath towel from the basin to cover her chest. She then removed the blanket and flung it hard at Lu Yinan. “Get lost immediately, you scheming prostitute, white lotus, sissy.”

Lu Yinan managed to dodge and the blanket landed on a big flower vase at a corner of the wall. It fell with a loud clatter.

While they quarreled and hurled abusive remarks at each other in the room, Ming Ansheng was anxiously pacing to and fro outside.

When he heard the loud clatter, he got more anxious and pounded his fists on the room door. “Lu Yinan, open the door now.”

Since they were in a hotel, he tried to keep everything at bay.

It was okay for the hotel staff to laugh at this matter. But if this news found its way to the internet and land on the headlines, then it would spell trouble.

Luckily they had booked the entire floor level, there were no other guests around.

“What’s happening?” Xuxu stepped out of the lift and saw Ming Ansheng pounding hard on Zhou Shuang’s room door. She hastened her steps and walked over.

Ming Ansheng answered, “The two of them are quarreling and throwing things in the room. I don’t know what’s going on.”

He barely finished talking

when the door opened.

Young Master Lu, who had put on a sorry look, appeared before their eyes. His hair was a mess and there were nasty wrinkles on his shirt. He had always been one who paid great efforts on his appearance, and someone who would definitely put on a pair of glass to look refined before he stepped on to the streets.

But the present image of him they had before their very eyes, Yan Rusheng and the rest hadn’t seen it for a long time.

When Ming Ansheng saw Young Master Lu in such a state, he could hold it no longer and burst out laughing. “What exactly happened to you? Why were you in Zhou Shuang’s room?”

Before Lu Yinan had the chance to speak, Yan Rusheng gloated with glee. “When dried wood and fierce fire meet, something will definitely happen.”

Actually, to them, it was merely a situation where two adults had a one night stand under the influence of alcohol. There was no big deal about it.

And no one needed to hold anyone responsible.

Anyway, it wasn’t Lu Yinan’s first and it doesn’t seem to be Zhou Shuang’s first either.

“Get lost all of you. Don’t chatter on and on outside my room. The noise is unbearable.”

All of a sudden, Zhou Shuang roared from the room like a lioness.

And the entire building seemed to shake briefly.

Lu Yinan snorted, “You’ve finally witnessed it. She’s obviously a shrew, a bandit.”

Xuxu could hold it no longer and stood up for her bosom friend. “The truth is, you were in someone else’s room.”

Lu Yinan pointed his finger at her and gave a serious warning. “Don’t remind me of this, or I’ll fall out with you.”

At the mention of it, he felt guilty as a thiefjust how did he enter her room? Why would he want to go into her room?

Seeing Lu Yinan looking so stern, Ming Ansheng stifled his laughter and also feigned that he was being serious. “What actually happened last night? Don’t you remember anything?”

“Other than she seducing me, what else could it be?” Lu Yinan spoke with a determined tone. “Yesterday at the mahjong table, she kept saying that she wanted to drink and gamble. Obviously, she was trying to make me drunk.”

Suddenly, a piercing voice came from behind. “You can continue to lie through your teeth. I’m waiting to see what other excuses you can come up with.”