Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 917

Chapter 917 I Will Rip Your Mouth Apart

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Zhou Shuang’s face instantly fell. “Don’t insult me! You’re the seasoned player. In fact, your whole family is!”

Lu Yinan coldly snorted. “So you do know the meaning of insult?”

She had flung a wad of cash at him, and she even had the guts to insult him and his techniques. When she was being a shrew earlier on, why didn’t it occur to her she was insulting him?

Zhou Shuang frowned and deflected. “Lu Yinan, I’m giving you one last chance.”

“Please don’t give me any chances.” Lu Yinan gnashed his teeth in determination and flipped Zhou Shuang over. He was as swift as lightning that Zhou Shuang had no time to retaliate when his weight crushed her once more.

His hands then began to wander everywhere on her body.

Anyway, they had already slept once—a second time wouldn’t matter.

This time around, he swore to subdue this female hooligan so she would never dare to look him in the eye the next time she saw him.

Lu Yinan’s hand slipped underneath Zhou Shuang’s bathrobe and it made the girl shriek in panic. “Ahhh!”

Her shrieks were piercing and sharp it made Lu Yinan frown. With a sarcastic voice, he said, “Zhou Shuang, why are you so aroused when I haven’t even begun?”

He then bit her neck with a malicious gleam in his eyes.

He had only gently bitten her, and Zhou Shuang felt an indescribable feeling. She tried to move her head, but her lips accidentally brushed against the tip of his nose.

Their eyes met, and she realized how long Lu Yinan’s eyelashes were. His skin was so clear and soft that it was even better than hers.

It momentarily stunned her before she had snapped out. She bellowed, “Jerk! Beast! Get off me!”

Lu Yinan mischievously smiled. “I’ve already said that I would make sure to satisfy you today.”

He decided not to argue with her any further and tugged at her bathrobes with brute force.

Zhou Shuang held on tightly for dear life as she shrunk her neck in fear.

Xuxu was pacing back and forth anxiously, and she glanced at Yan Rusheng. “Ah Sheng, go get the room key from the hotel staff. Something serious might really happen at this rate.”

Lu Yinan sounded mad.

And she had no idea what he would do to Zhou Shuang.

Yan Rusheng was feeling nonchalant about it. What else could Lu Yinan possibly do? Other than sleeping with her once more?

He wanted to laugh at the thought of it but the look on Xuxu’s face warned him not to. With a solemn voice, he reasoned, “If they were doing something intimate, it would be so awkward if you barge in right now.”

Xuxu fell silent. That was a problem.

If they entered the room and Lu Yinan had already gotten his way—what would they do?

She couldn’t possibly drag him away.

She stomped her feet. “Why are all men like this?! It was an accidental one-night stand. Just forget about it!”

Ming Ansheng chortled. “Zhou Shuang is too feisty and rash, and she doesn’t know Lu Yinan well.”

Actually, he was thinking along the same lines as Yan Rusheng. At most, what they were doing at the moment would be a replica of yesterday’s ‘incident’, and they could just pretend they had done it the second time in a drunken state.

What else could they do?

It didn’t seem appropriate for them to barge in.

“I don’t want to discuss this with you guys,” Xuxu replied in a huff. “I’m going to work.”

She had nothing else to do besides waiting.

Yan Rusheng pulled her. “Wait for a while longer. Lu Yinan doesn’t need much time, unlike me.”

Ming Ansheng smirked as he thought to himself. ‘Yan Rusheng is the worst friend, has the meanest tongue, and the most arrogant of us all.’

He could still trample on his friend to praise himself in their current situation.

‘This is enough!’

Xuxu face darkened. “Yan Rusheng, if you carry on spewing nonsense, I will rip your mouth apart.”

“Alright, alright. I’m wrong.” Yan Rusheng pulled Xuxu towards him and embraced her. “It’s still early. Let’s go for breakfast first, then I’ll send you to work.”