Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 918

Chapter 918 How Dare He Compared Me To That Nitwit

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As though Young Master Ming was invisible, Yan Rusheng led Xuxu towards the staircase.

The hotel restaurant was on the second level, and he intended to use the stairs.

At the landing of the staircase, Yan Rusheng spewed some lewd remarks. “Zhou Shuang yelled so loudly earlier on. Why didn’t you, my wife?” asked Yan Rusheng.

He had always tried so hard, so it made little sense.

Xuxu glared at him as a warning. “Yan Rusheng, I’m warning you. Another word from you!”

“Alright.” Yan Rusheng clammed up in a split second. But after some brief deliberation, he bent to give Xuxu a peck on her cheek. “Wife, can you just yell like Zhou Shuang for once?”

Just to satisfy him.

Xuxu lifted her foot and stomped hard on his. She then escaped from his embrace and left him behind.

It was time for breakfast and hotel guests crowded the place.

When Yan Rusheng and Xuxu entered, they saw Ming Ansheng sitting at a corner. He took the elevator, hence he reached the floor first.

They walked towards him. Ming Ansheng pointed at the food on the table and said, “I only took my share, go get yours.”

“I’ll get them.” Xuxu turned around to leave.

Yan Rusheng didn’t follow Xuxu, instead, he sat across Ming Ansheng. He slumped against a comfortable leather sofa with his hands propped behind his head. He had a mysterious smile playing on his lips.

“Why are you staring at me?” asked Ming Ansheng. He looked utterly perplexed.

“The woman last night.” Yan Rusheng was afraid that Ming Ansheng didn’t know who he was referring to, so he added, “The one Yueyue saw entering your room. Who was it? Was it the previous woman, Lulu?”

The one-night stand he was referring to happened a couple of months ago.

Ming Ansheng was usually busy with work, and he didn’t have time to care for‘needs’.

It was only when he met them for dinner—after some drinks—he would then require the company of a woman. After all, he was still a normal grown-up man.

Ming Ansheng ignored Yan Rusheng, but deep within, it frustrated him.

It frustrated him that Su Yue, unfortunately, witnessed the entire incident.

‘It could have been anyone else in the world. Why does it have to be that little lass?’

She might not understand now, but what if someday she’d realize it? Would she despise him for engaging in one-night stands?

Ming Ansheng sat deep in thought.

‘Forget it.’ What does it matter to him if the girl had such an opinion of him? Why did he have to care and miss her so much?

“Seems like last night was wonderful?” said Yan Rusheng as he watched Ming Ansheng. He continued to tease. “The drinks were amazing last night since both of you could not control your desires.”

Overlooking Ming Ansheng’s darkened expression, he casually prodded on. “But it only has effects on single guys like you whose s*x lives aren’t normal. It won’t work on me since my s*xual drive is high any time.”

Ming Ansheng threw him a scathing look. “Look at how shameless and pompous you are.”

Yan Rusheng smugly smiled and lifted his chin.

Ming Ansheng sneered. “Do you know that you sound and look like someone?”

He continued on, “You sound exactly like Xin Yanting. Both of you are a perfect match. If you guys lived together, both of you would emphasize on the ceiling if ever you designed a house—both of you have your heads held up high.”

Yan Rusheng turned stony-faced at the mention of Xin Yanting. He displayed some displeasure on his face. “How dare you compare me to that nitwit?!”