Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 920

Chapter 920 : That Arrogant Lady Is Finally Gone

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Xuxu pressed her lips and remained mum.

“All right, I’m leaving.” Xin Yanting spun around and took big strides towards the entrance.

She stormed her way in and out.

Listening to the ‘thudding’ sounds her heels produced made Xuxu burst out into laughter.

She stood there and sipped her water.

“Sister Xuxu, is the arrogant lady finally gone?”

Li Qian appeared behind her.

Xuxu turned around and nodded. “Yup, she left in less than five minutes.”

Li Qian grinned. “I heard her voice upstairs and I tried to rush down after settling some urgent stuff. But in the end, I still wasn’t able to see her.”

Xuxu sharply reminded her. “Alright, don’t gossip about her anymore. Her eyes will murder you on the spot.”

She ascended the stairs with Li Qian trailing behind her.

“Sister Xuxu, do you know Professor Zhao?” asked Li Qian.

“Professor Zhao?” Xuxu had taken a moment before she remembered. “Is his name Zhao Zheng?”

The only professor she knew with that surname was Zhao Zheng. If not, it would be his father.

Li Qian nodded. “During our classmates’ gathering, we invited Professor Zhao along. He mentioned that he was friends with Flourish & Prosper’s President and his wife.”

‘This Zhao Zheng.’

Xuxu smiled. “Yes, we were high school classmates.”

From her understanding of Li Qian’s character, she probably had many questions up her sleeves. She glanced at her watch; it was almost 2 p.m.

Su Yue was having her last exam this afternoon, and it should end by 3:30 p.m.

She interjected, “Li Qian, I have something to attend to. Contact me if you need me later.”

She was planning to buy some food for Su Yue, and she should be just in time to fetch her if she left early.

Su Yue had been studying hard to prepare for her college exams. Xuxu was planning to take her out for a good meal to celebrate.

Li Qian swallowed her questions and nodded.

Xuxu left after retrieving her bag.

Anxious parents were all waiting outside the school and Xuxu parked by the roadside. She opened her umbrella and put on a pair of sunglasses before she squeezed into the crowd.

Some parents were familiar faces.

As usual, people could recognize her. “Third Madam Yan, are you here to fetch your sister?”

Xuxu politely smiled. “Yes, I am.”

The parent glanced at her watch. “It’s about time.”

Xuxu smiled to herself.

It was a sweltering day and the temperature was over 30 degrees. Xuxu was drenched in sweat as she stood in the crowd. She realized that pregnant women were sensitive to heat.

Before, the heat didn’t bother her.

She began to dab her face with a tissue as she waited.

Students started to stream out and the crowd of parents anxiously rushed forward. The first words they asked were, “How was it?”

“Third sister-in-law!”

Xuxu finally saw Su Yue. The little girl was clad in a pale blue tee-shirt paired with white pants. She was wearing pink sandals, and she looked like a young child. If one didn’t know her real age, she could pass off as a middle-school student.

Xuxu rushed towards her and used the umbrella to shelter her from the relentless sun. “You must be tired. Let’s head to the car and eat something.”

She held Su Yue’s wrist.