Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 921

Chapter 921 Wasnt She Retained For A Year?

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“Third sister-in-law, wait a while.” Su Yue stopped Xuxu and turned back and cheerfully called out, “Bai Jing, hurry up!”

Xuxu also turned her head back and saw Bai Jing running towards them. She was wearing her usual wrinkled clothes—a white dress that looked worn but clean. She tied up her mid-length hair in a high ponytail, and it made her look cool and refreshing and soothing to the eyes.

Xuxu nodded at her.

Lately, Su Yue had taken Bai Jing to the studio twice during weekends, and they both had grown accustomed to each other.

This little lass was a well-behaved girl of few words and was likable. But what was more important, she could get along well with Su Yue who adored her as well.

Bai Jing walked over and bashfully greeted Xuxu with a smile. “Third sister-in-law.”

Xuxu responded, “It’s too hot to be standing here. Quickly get into the car with me.”

“Mm.” Su Yue nodded and stretched out her hand to hold Bai Jing. “My Third sister-in-law brought some yummy food for us.”

Bai Jing felt shy and said, “Su Yue, I’m going home first. I’ve got to prepare dinner tonight.”

Xuxu smiled. “Grab a bite in the car first and I’ll send you home later.”

Su Yue also urged, “That’s right, have a bite first. It’s too early for you to be preparing dinner now.”

Bai Jing found it hard to decline their hospitality and replied, “Alright.”

Her voice sounded soft as usual as if there was a lack of confidence in her.

Xuxu knew that the girl felt inferior. If she was in her shoes, perhaps she would behave the same way.

After all, she was a far cry from Su Yue in terms of their family background.

Because of the scorching weather, Xuxu parked her car under the shade of a tree. She turned on the air-conditioner the moment she got into the car.

She had bought some fruits and a beverage along the way, but the drink was only enough for one person. She didn’t expect Su Yue to drag Bai Jing along with her. But then again, she should have foreseen such an event happening.

She took out the drink and suggested, “There’s only one cup, so please share it with Bai Jing.”

“Mm.” Su Yue took over the drink and inserted the straw before handing it to Bai Jing. “Jing, you drink first while I eat the fruits.”

Bai Jing declined. “No, you drink instead. I’m not thirsty.”

Su Yue knew that she was feeling shy about it. Hence, she shoved the drink into her hands and quipped, “Don’t stand on ceremony with me. We’re good friends.”

Xuxu found it amusing to hear her speak with a slight capital accent.

This girl sounded so normal and mature when she was speaking to Bai Jing, and more so, she could really talk non-stop.

She’s fussing over Bai Jing all the time.

It seemed that Su Yue only behaved like a normal teenager in front of people who she liked. Otherwise, she would bow her head and remain silent. Then again, it was her way of expressing her likes and dislikes.

She was simply pure and simple—she would hover around you if she liked you. She would even act cute and treat you well!

If she disliked you, she couldn’t care less about you.

This kind of person cherished relationships greatly but also wouldn’t tolerate any betrayals.

After chatting for a while, Xuxu sent Bai Jing home. She lived quite a distance away, almost out of the 6th Ring Road.

It was an old district comprising rundown courtyard houses. Bai Jing requested that the car stop by the roadside instead of driving into the alley.

Xuxu didn’t insist and agreed to her request.

On the way home, Su Yue shared with Xuxu that Bai Jing was staying in a rented house. She also had to travel 1.5 hours by a public bus every morning.

She would leave home after making breakfast, and she would return home in the evening to prepare dinner. Her dad returned home only late at night.

“Wasn’t she kept for one year?” Xuxu suddenly recalled Su Yue telling her that Bai Jing had to be retained for a year. She asked, “Why is she still sitting for the college exams in this case?”