Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 923

Chapter 923 Are You Converting To Buddhism?

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Su Yue raised her eyebrows upon hearing this.

She turned back and took a last look at the billboard, and she realized that she hadn’t seen him for more than a month.

‘Sigh.’ She definitely didn’t do well with her exams, so he surely won’t bring her to have her tattoo done.

Su Yue looked down at her left chest in disappointment and pursed her lips.

After they entered a restaurant, Xuxu and Su Yue sat down at a quiet corner on the right side of the entrance. The waiter had served them water when Zhou Shuang walked in.

“I’m exhausted.” She sat down beside Xuxu.

She had walked over from the nearby vicinity under the scorching weather. After sitting down, she immediately took Xuxu’s glass and took big gulps of her water.

She regained her strength after drinking and asked Su Yue, “Little lass, exams over?”

At the mention of exams, Su Yue turned sullen. She nodded lightly and replied‘Mm’.

Zhou Shuang smiled as she waved her hands. “Then it’s time to have fun. Come over to my house one day.”

She had experienced the frustration of being asked about her exam results. Hence, she didn’t ask Su Yue about it.

Whatever the results, the exams were already over. It annoyed her whenever her relatives and elders shot questions about it.

Xuxu poured more water for herself before looking at Zhou Shuang and asked, “What have you been up to recently? Hiding?”

She and Yan Rusheng had a hunch she was feeling embarrassed over the incident with Lu Yinan.

But seeing her in her usual energetic self today, it seemed it had not affected her.

“I went to visit my parents.” Zhou Shuang plucked a grape and shoved into her mouth before continuing with a frown. “You have no idea how my ears suffered.”

Xuxu laughed and asked, “What happened? Did they lecture you not to be a decadent who rests on your laurels?”

“They urged me to find a partner to settle down. They said that I’m already 26 years old and would be left on the shelf and so on.” Zhou Shuang frown got deeper. She waved her hands as she said, “Forget it. Not talking anymore. Basically, they sounded like monks chanting.”

Xuxu answered, “They were not wrong in saying that. It’s true you should get married since you’re already 26.”

Zhou Shuang scorned, “Marriage is a burden, and I’ll lose my freedom. So I don’t want to get married while I’m still young.”

“Oh yes, what happened to you and Lu Yinan?” It was rare for Miss Wen to engage in idle talk.

She grinned and inched closer to Zhou Shuang’s ears, trying her best not to let Su Yue hear her.

Zhou Shuang’s expression suddenly darkened and she looked at Xuxu with a stern warning, “Wen Xuxu, I’m warning you not to mention his name again or I’ll get mad.”

It seemed that there was a big feud between them that both parties couldn’t stand hearing each other’s name. Xuxu nodded. “Okay, okay. Okay, I won’t talk about him anymore.”

After that, she handed Zhou Shuang the menu. “Order something. Look and order what you like. Yueyue and I had already ordered some dishes.”

Zhou Shuang took over the menu and knitted her eyebrows. She flipped from beginning to the end. There was nothing she fancied.

On the last page, she deliberated for a moment before turning a page back. “Give me a pickled cucumber, garlic Chinese kale, and Osmanthus lotus rice.”

She closed the menu and passed it back to the waiter.

She had picked all none meat dishes, and Xuxu smiled in amusement. “You’re planning convert to Buddhism?”

Zhou Shuang waved her hand. “Say no more. I’ve no appetite recently and the sight of meat irks me. Even brushing teeth makes me nauseous. Perhaps I’ve contracted pharyngitis as the symptoms were like what they described in the advertisement.”