Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 925

Chapter 925 Pregnant With Lu Yinans Child

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Xuxu was stumped for words but she reassured her with a smile. “No, don’t jump to a conclusion. If she’s really pregnant, the baby is Lu Yinan’s. Lu Yinan is not married, both of them are single.”

She thought, perhaps to Su Yue, anyone who had children before marriage must be indecent.

“Oh.” Su Yue nodded and heaved a sigh of relief.

Xuxu noticed the change in her expression and calmly placed some food into Su Yue’s bowl.

Zhou Shuang returned from the bathroom, and she looked pale as if she were severely ill.

When Xuxu saw her, it worried her. However, she wanted to laugh as well.

“Sister hooligan, when are you getting married to Lu Yinan?”

Zhou Shuang had just sat down and was wiping her mouth with a tissue when Su Yue suddenly asked out of curiosity.

Zhou Shuang paused when she heard this and looked at Su Yue. She gloomily raised her eyebrows. “Pretentious woman. What did you say?”

Su Yue blinked and looked puzzled. “You are already expecting his baby, so aren’t you getting married?”

Zhou Shuang shook her head. “Nothing of that sort. Don’t jump to a conclusion and don’t listen to what your Third sister-in-law says. I’m just suffering from pharyngitis. I am not pregnant.”

‘Tch. Who wants to marry that sissy?’

Even if all the men in this world were dead, she wouldn’t consider marrying him.

After that, she shot a stern look of warning at Xuxu.

Zhou Shuang didn’t eat much throughout the meal and had only a few bites from the dishes she ordered.

The restaurant was on the 5th floor while the maternity and baby’s section was on the 4th floor. Hence, after dinner, they shopped their way down.

When they passed by a store selling baby clothes, Xuxu halted her steps in front of the glass display cabinet. She pointed to a little mannequin in the shop. It was wearing a yellow dress that came with a pair of wings. She commented to Zhou Shuang and Su Yue, “Take a look, this is so cute.”

Zhou Shuang rolled her eyes at Xuxu. “I don’t agree.”

She didn’t like little children and animals, and she found them detesting.

Su Yue joined Xuxu and knelt down to look at the tiny dress. She also found it adorable.

“Both of you have bad tastes. Don’t you find that childish?” Zhou Shuang scorned as she looked at the dress in the display cabinet.

But both her hands instinctively reached out to feel her tummy.

‘Could it be? Could it be real?’

She didn’t dare to dwell further and shook her head to put a stop to her thoughts.

Xuxu lifted her head and glanced askew at her. “Aren’t children stuff supposed to look like this?”

“Let’s go, let’s go. Since you don’t even know which month your babies are due, there’s no need to look at such things now.” Zhou Shuang rushed her impatiently and raised her feet to move forward.

The more she looked, the more unsettled and frustrated she felt.

The smart Xuxu could tell that Zhou Shuang felt afraid. Hence, she didn’t insist on staying behind and swiftly followed her. They left the maternity and baby department and went down to a lower level.

Knowing Zhou Shuang, she knew she would never discuss with her about the pregnancy. But tonight, she would definitely purchase a pregnancy test kit to check.

Xuxu bought nothing from the mall, but she bought Su Yue a pair of shoes.

One could tell that Zhou Shuang wasn’t in the mood for shopping because she left before them.

Zhou Shuang sat on the toilet bowl and stared at the two lines that showed on the pregnancy test kitit was as if a thunderbolt had flashed across the blue sky.

For a long time, there wasn’t a slightest reaction from her.

‘Oh no! Finished!’

She felt that her wonderful and perfect world had instantly turned gloomy and gray.

She was pregnant, pregnant with Lu Yinan’s child.

“Oh my God!” After a long time, she finally cried out loud and great sorrow filled her voice.

‘How could this be possible? Why did it turn out this way? Why did this happen?’

She sat in the toilet for almost an hour. She then got up to retrieve her cellphone and called Xuxu immediately.