Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 927

Chapter 927 Someone Had Lost A Leg To Save Him

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Yan Rusheng finally realized that his phone was ringing. He immediately answered the call when he saw Xuxu’s name on the screen.


It was noisy over at his side, so he couldn’t properly hear Xuxu.

He turned to leave the site.

“I should be home in an hour.”

“I’m still at the site.”

“Rest early then.” Yan Rusheng hung up with a gentle smile. He turned around to walk back.

A fearful yell rang out suddenly. “President Yan be careful!”

Before he knew, someone dashed towards him and shielded him with his hands. Both of them fell on the floor.

And they collapsed heavily on the ground.

Yan Rusheng heard a deafening sound of something heavy hitting the ground. For a moment, it felt like an earthquake.


The man on top of him screamed in pain and agony.

He widened his eyes in shock and turned to look at him. A huge heavy block of an iron panel was next to them.

He stared at him in shock, unable to believe his eyes.

The iron panel was crushing the leg of the man above him.

“President!” Qiao Jian darted towards him and he tried to move the iron panel away. He anxiously scanned him to check for injuries.

The iron panel was heavy and it took Qiao Jian much effort to shift it away.

The man was still trembling and twitching in agony. Yan Rusheng shouted to Qiao Jian. “Get him to the hospital now!”

The rest of the staff ran towards them after getting over the shock. “Old Bai! Old Bai!”

Everyone began to help him up.

The car was right outside the site, and Qiao Jian led the way in a hurry.

When Yan Rusheng fell to the floor, he had grazed both his hands. Without minding his injuries, he rushed after Qiao Jian and the rest.

Xin Yanting went pale with shock as she stood on the spot. At that moment, she knew she shouldn’t be so dumb to rush after Yan Rusheng.

Qiao Jian drove while Yan Rusheng sat in the front passenger seat. Two more workers accompanied the injured worker.

They immediately brought the man into an operating theater for emergency surgery.

The surgeon came out soon, and both Yan Rusheng and Qiao Jian stood up in a haste. “How is he?”

The surgeon gravely shook his head. “The heavy object must have fallen vertically. It had his leg completely shattered. We need to amputate.”

Yan Rusheng couldn’t believe his ears as he stared at the surgeon. “Can the leg be fixed?”

The surgeon shook his head. “It had completely crushed his bone. There is no hope at all.”

Yan Rusheng stood there digesting this horrible truth as his hands, which hung by his sides, trembled.

He slowly closed his eyes and his eyelashes were trembling, too. “Then, just amputate.”

Someone had lost a leg to save him!

The surgeon nodded and glanced at the rest. “Is his family here? I need the family’s consent.”

The two workers quipped, “He has a daughter.”

“Call his daughter now.”

The surgeon carried on, “He needs the anesthesia, if not the pain would be too excruciating for the patient.”

“I’ll sign it.” Yan Rusheng mumbled before repeating once more. “I’ll sign it.”

The surgeon consented as he was Yan Rusheng. He didn’t insist on waiting for his family.

What kind of consequences would Yan Rusheng not be able to bear?

After signing, the surgeon went back to the operating theater.

“The patient’s phone is ringing,” announced a nurse as she walked out from the operating theater.