Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 928

Chapter 928 Your Father Was Injured Because Of Me

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Yan Rusheng rushed to the nurse and grabbed the phone. His daughter was calling.

Guilt struck him in a flash and the two workers crowded around him. “It’s Old Bai’s daughter calling.”

“President Yan, let me answer the call.”

One worker spoke up as he looked at Yan Rusheng.

Yan Rusheng nodded and passed the phone to him. The worker promptly answered, “Hello, I’m a colleague of your father. He has met with an accident during work, and he is now at the hospital.”

“Don’t panic first.”

Yan Rusheng used his palms to wipe his face before he turned around to walk to the windows at the end of the corridor.

He stood at the windows, feeling extremely guilt-stricken as he gazed into the distance.

“Dad! Where is my dad?”

Once the elevator door opened, a little girl bolted for the operating theater. She stared at the three men and didn’t know who to ask.

“Your father is in the operating theater.”

The girl slumped against the operating theater’s doors and wailed. “Dad! Dad!”

Qiao Jian hurried to help her. “The surgeon is operating on your father. Calm down first.”

The girl turned around. She held on to Qiao Jan’s hand. “Will my dad die?” the girl asked with an anxious voice.

Qiao Jian tightly gripped the girl’s shoulders to console her. “No, he won’t. He injured his leg.”

The girl heaved a sigh of relief at Qiao Jian’s words, but she seemed to realize that it wasn’t a minor leg injury. Her eyes glistened as she asked once more. “How did my father hurt his leg? Is it serious?”

Qiao Jian gazed at the tiny girl and couldn’t bear to break the news to her, but someone had to tell her the truth.

He answered, “He needs to amputate his leg.”

His voice trembled, and he already expected that the girl wouldn’t be able to accept the crushing truth. He held on to her to support her.

The girl shook her head furiously. “Dad… Dad…”

She fell against the door once more and began to sob.

Yan Rusheng observed the situation from afar. He walked towards the direction of the little girl who was still crouching outside the operating theater’s doors.

She had curled her body, and she seemed even tinier than Yueyue. She should be around the same age as Yueyue, too.

“President Yan.” Qiao Jian glanced at Yan Rusheng and pointed to the girl. “This is Old Bai’s daughter,” said Qiao Jian.

Yan Rusheng nodded and took a step once more before squatting down. He stretched his hand to pat the girl’s back.

He didn’t know how to console a person and was at a loss at what to say.

He had overheard the two workers saying that Old Bai only has a daughter. In other words, this girl might not have another parent to rely on.

At such a tender age, she only had her father as her family. He could never fully understand how important her father was to the little girl.

Her father met such an unfortunate accident, and she must have felt that her world came crashing down.

The girl raised her head, tears had glazed her face.

The next second, both she and Yan Rusheng looked equally shocked.

“Bai Jing?” After recognizing the girl, it startled Yan Rusheng.

Bai Jing was equally startled. She hastily wiped her tears away. She stared at Yan Rusheng and stammered, “You… you are Su Yue’s brother?”

‘Old Bai… Bai Jing.’ Yan Rusheng thought to himself and pressed his lips together. “Yes,” he grunted.

He bent and grabbed Bai Jing’s arms to pull her to her feet. He explained with all honesty, “Your father was injured because of me.”

It dumbfounded Bai Jing that her words seemed choked. “I’m begging you… can you please tell the surgeon to put his leg back?”