Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 929

Chapter 929 Ill Be Responsible For Everything

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Bai Jing’s slender hands tightly clung onto Yan Rusheng’s, and subconsciously, she dug her fingernails into his flesh.

Yan Rusheng quietly sighed, for he was at a loss for words. How should he break the news that they could not stitch back her father’s leg?

“Please, I’m begging you!” Bai Jing cried. She knelt down in desperation when Yan Rusheng fell silent.

Yan Rusheng scrambled to pull her up and led her to a chair. He squatted in front of her and solemnly said, “Bai Jing, listen to me. Your father’s leg is beyond saving.”

Bai Jing’s face turned starkly white and hot tears trickled down her face in an instant.

Yan Rusheng rose and glanced at Qiao Jian with a meaningful look. Qiao Jian understood his message, and he strode to Bai Jing. He took out his handkerchief from his pockets and wiped her tears away. He consoled her with a gentle voice. “From now on, we will take care of your father. How old are you?”

She should still be in school just by how she looked.

Yan Rusheng gazed at Bai Jing as he spoke. “I’ll be responsible for everything from now on.”

This wasn’t merely a promise, but it was a responsibility. He needed to assume this responsibility.

Bai Jing didn’t look at Yan Rusheng, nor did she look at Qiao Jian. She repeatedly mumbled as she sobbed, “My father’s leg is gone.”

After several hours, they wheeled Bai Lisong out of the operating theater. He was still unconscious.

Bai Jing rushed to him and tightly gripped his hand. She loudly sobbed, “Dad… Dad…”

As she stood there, she was blocking the nurses. “Please excuse us.”

Qiao Jian darted forward to pull Bai Jing away.

Yan Rusheng watched Bai Jing and a pang of guilt struck him once more.

His phone began to ring and he glanced at the screen. It was Xuxu.

He picked up and curtly spoke. “Sleep first and don’t call me.”

He instantly ended the call.

And followed closely behind Qiao Jian and the rest.

Xuxu’s heart sank when Yan Rusheng cut the call. His tone, which sounded cold, distant, and even impatient, had upset her.

‘Did something happen?’

Xuxu recalled how gentle he had sounded when she called earlier on. He promised to be home after an hour, but it had been so long.

He must have met something troubling.

She rationally analyzed the possibility, and she no longer felt upset with him. Instead, worry replaced him.

She wanted to ask him what happened, but she was afraid of disturbing him at the same time. Hence, she decided to wait.

At the hospital…

Bai Jing finally calmed down after Qiao Jian consoling her repeatedly. She sat next to Bai Lisong as she watched her unconscious father with sorrow in her eyes.

Yan Rusheng stood by her with his hands deep in his pockets.

“President, you should head back first. I’ll stay here,” whispered Qiao Jian, who had entered the ward after settling the paperwork.

Yan Rusheng didn’t respond. Instead, he glanced at Bai Jing before inhaling deeply. “I’ll get the nurse to prepare an extra bed for you,” said Yan Rusheng.

Bai Jing raised her head to peer at him.

This was the second time she looked at him. It was as if she was admiring a tall tree or a snow lotus atop a mountain.

After a moment, she nodded.

Yan Rusheng turned around to Qiao Jian and he promptly answered, “I understand. I’ve already arranged for a caregiver. President, please go back first as it’s late. Madam would be worried.”