Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 930

Chapter 930 I'll Be Home Right Away

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Yan Rusheng nodded to indicate his assent. After gazing at Bai Jing once more, he turned around to leave.

Bai Jing spun her head around to glance at Yan Rusheng one last time before he left.

Yan Rusheng took out his phone and saw a text from Xuxu.

‘Ah Sheng, did something happen?’

He recalled the phone call earlier on and how impatient he must have sounded.

He felt so thankful when he read the text.

‘I’ll be home right away.’ He replied Xuxu.

And he proceeded to hasten his footsteps.

Xuxu finally received Yan Rusheng’s reply and she heaved a sigh of relief. She put down her phone and instinctively rest her hands on her round belly and gently caressed it.

She stretched her hand to reach for a book which she had been reading recently. She began reading as she wanted to wait for Yan Rusheng to return home.

Yan Rusheng entered through the main door and all the servants had gone back to their rooms to rest. Only Mu Li was awake in the living room.

Every night, she would stay up to wait for Yan Rusheng. Her face lit up when she saw Yan Rusheng. “Why did you come home so late tonight?”

“An accident happened at the site.” Yan Rusheng answered Mu Li as he walked.

Mu Li asked anxiously, “What happened? Have you solved it?”

Yan Rusheng replied, “A worker injured his leg and was sent to the hospital.”

Yan Rusheng didn’t want Mu Li to worry and hence he skipped the part of how Bai Lisong had saved him.

Mu Li nodded and continued, “Then you must instruct them to take good care of him.”

Yan Rusheng nodded and walked past the couch without stopping. He proceeded to the staircase and went up.

Mu Li watched her son fondly and felt sorry for him too. He looked completely drained.

As his mother, how could she not be worried when her son barely had time to sit down for a proper meal everyday?

Yan Rusheng pushed the door gently as he wasn’t sure if Xuxu was asleep.

He glanced at the bed and saw the tiny woman resting against the bed. She was still holding a book and had dozed off.

Yan Rusheng felt sorry and gently closed the door after him. Then he treaded carefully towards the bed.

He bent to take a closer look at his wife’s face.

Her face was visibly rounder due to the tonics she has been taking. Her complexion was rosier too and Yan Rusheng smiled affectionately at her. He gave her a swift kiss on her cheek.

He took away her book and placed it on top of the drawers.

He lifted the blanket gingerly and carried her up. He wanted to lay her down properly on the bed and adjust her sleeping position.

Yan Rusheng’s eyes landed on Xuxu’s protruding tummy and his eyes softened once more. He gazed at her quietly for a while before covering her with the blanket.

Seeing how sound asleep Xuxu was, Yan Rusheng felt so thankful and sorry at the same time. Wen Xuxu was never unreasonable and was such a sensible woman. At the same time, she was always so accommodating and understanding towards him.

Xuxu woke up in the middle of the night to find Yan Rusheng in deep sleep next to her. He looked exhausted and Xuxu was afraid of waking him up. After a long while, she left the bed to go to the bathroom.

For fear of waking Yan Rusheng up, she went back to her room to sleep after she came out of the bathroom.

Yan Rusheng had left the house when she woke up the next morning.

Mu Li and Yan Weihong were in the dining room and he was nowhere in sight. Xuxu was a little disappointed as she sat down next to Mu Li.

“Missy, Miss Zhou is here.”

Xuxu was drinking her milk when Aunt Zhang came in to announce Zhou Shuang’s arrival.