Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 931

Chapter 931 How Many Times Did He Do It?

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Xuxu recalled that she had to accompany Zhou Shuang to the hospital. She told Aunt Zhang, “Let her wait in the living room. I’ll be out in a minute.”

Aunt Zhang left with a nod of her head.

Seeing how Xuxu was eating her breakfast at a faster pace than usual, Mu Li asked, “Xuxu, you’re not going to work today?”

Xuxu nodded, saying, “I have something on in the morning. I’m accompanying Zhou Shuang to the hospital.”

Mu Li asked with worried laced on her tone of voice. “Is Zhou Shuang sick? Is it serious?”

Xuxu smiled and shook her head.

“She’s not feeling too well. I’m accompanying her to get a checkup.”

She finished the milk in one gulp, took a piece of bread, and she stood up.

“Father, Mother, I’ll make a move,” she greeted Mu Li and Yan Weihong.

“Be careful,” Mu Li replied.


Xuxu left the dining room and saw Zhou Shuang sitting on the sofa, looking like her spirit had left her.

She wanted to laugh. This masculine girl, who could easily fall asleep at a police station, was finally afraid of something.

“Xuxu,” Zhou Shuang greeted. She stood up and walked towards her.

At that point in time, Xuxu was her only pillar of support, the only person she could confide in.

“Let’s go,” Xuxu said.

Finishing up the last of her bread, she held onto Zhou Shuang’s elbow.

By the look on Zhou Shuang’s face, Xuxu didn’t dare to let her drive. So she made Zhou Shuang park her car in their courtyard, and Xuxu drove her own.

The City Women and Children’s Hospital was very crowded early in the morning. Everyone did their checkups in the morning.

After taking a queue number, they sat and waited near the entrance.

Zhou Shuang nervously grabbed Xuxu’s arm, her palms sweating profusely.

“Number 23, Zhou Shuang!”

The nurse read out Zhou Shuang’s name loud and clear. Zhou Shuang seemed to instinctively raise her hand and shouted, “Here!”


The entire room was shocked by her sudden exclamation.

Including Xuxu.

She raised her head to look at Zhou Shuang, thinking, ‘ Seems like this girl is really nervous, even her words are incoherent.’

Zhou Shuang flushed with shame. She lowered her head and retracted her neck before following the direction the nurse was pointing. She walked towards the consultation room. Xuxu got up and followed behind her.

She patted Zhou Shuang’s back to comfort her. She consoled, “Don’t be scared, everything will be fine. What’s the worst thing that could happen? Huh?”

Zhou Shuang pursed her lips. She thought, ‘ I know there’s nothing to make a big fuss out of. At worst I’m only pregnant. Aren’t there many advertisements on television and lampposts advertising about painless abortion? ‘ She was merely hopping on the bandwagon, so there was nothing much about it.

After entering the consultation room, Zhou Shuang sat in front of the middle-aged female doctor. She asked a few questions before giving her an appointment slip for type B ultrasound.

She had to queue for the ultrasound. To Zhou Shuang, it was torture.

Xuxu phoned the matron to pull some strings.

The matron was Mu Li’s classmate. Of course, she agreed to Xuxu’s request.

The matron had her own consultation room, and it was well-equipped. Zhou Shuang laid down on the bed, and the matron herself helped her do the B ultrasound.

Zhou Shuang was so nervous that she held on tightly to her clothes. She shivered as they dripped coupling agent onto her belly.

“Don’t be scared, we’re only doing a B ultrasound,” the matron comforted as she carried out the ultrasound. Her gaze reverted to the screen, shock suddenly filled her expression.

“Oh my god! It’s been two or three years since I saw someone with triplets!”

Zhou Shuang jumped. “What?”


Even Xuxu started to lose her cool. She rushed in front of the screen.

“Does she really have triplets?” she asked in agitation.

The matron nodded, explaining, “The ultrasound shows three sacs, it can’t be wrong.”

“F*ck,” Zhou Shuang cursed. “How many times did Sissy Lu do it that night? Why are there so many?”