Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 933

Chapter 933 Emotionally Unstable

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Yan Rusheng nodded. “And it happened because he tried to save me.”

Yan Rusheng briefly explained the whole situation to Xuxu.

He didn’t tell Xuxu that he almost lost his life because he picked up her call, and it was Bai Lisong who saved him.

He didn’t want her to blame herself.

Xuxu’s heart thumped fast after hearing his recount. She looked at Yan Rusheng, the tall man standing in front of her. She didn’t dare to imagine the moment he just described. If that panel dropped on him instead, what was she to do?

She continued, “You must be more careful the next time you visit the construction site.”

‘No wonder he returned home so late last night. No wonder he was so impatient when I called him that one time.’

‘What was he feeling in that moment?’

‘Someone lost a leg to save him!’

“I know,” Yan Rusheng agreed with a small smile on his face.

Xuxu lowered her head and said, “Come on, I’m going in.”

The door of the ward was open.

From afar, she could already hear a man groaning in pain.

Xuxu’s heart clenched tight. How painful would it be after the amputation?

“Daddy, Daddy…” a girl’s cries of heartache followed after.

It was Bai Jing’s voice.

Xuxu quickened her pace and walked towards the door of the ward. Immediately, she saw a man lying down on the bed. He twisted his body in agony while a thin girl held him down.

Seeing this, Yan Rusheng quickly walked over. He was worried. He walked behind Bai Jing and asked her, “Did you ask the doctor how to relieve this form of pain?”

He bent down, and was very close to Bai Jing.

His low manly voice was intoxicating, as though she was sipping on vintage wine.

Bai Jing turned her head to face Yan Rusheng’s handsome face. Her eyes welled up with tears and her eyelashes were moist. The sight made one’s heart ache.

She shook her head slightly.

Yan Rusheng watched her, guilt building up inside of him. In a gentle voice, he comforted her, “Don’t worry, I’ll ask the doctor.”

His voice held a magic power that gave her positive energy. Bai Jing held back her tears, as though she had found a powerful pillar of support, and nodded her head. “Mmm.”

Her gaze was filled with complete trust.

Yan Rusheng turned around and left. Xuxu walked to Bai Jing’s side and looked at the man lying on the bed. Most of his hair had turned white, and his skin was dark—probably due to long-term exposure to the elements while working at the construction site. Overall, he looked aged.

But in actual fact he was only in his fifties.

He convulsed painfully on the bed, one hand gripping onto the blanket and the other holding Bai Jing’s hand tightly.

Xuxu could tell that Bai Jing was holding in her pain. How could her slim and slender wrist withstand his grip?

“Uncle, quickly let go of Bai Jing’s wrist,” Xuxu said, walking to the head of the bed. She tried to comfort Bai Lisong. She took a few pieces of tissue paper and helped him wipe the sweat on his face. “You’re going to break her wrist with the way you’re gripping it.”

She couldn’t imagine how painful it must have been to lose a leg overnight.

Not just physically, but emotionally as well.

Bai Lisong released Bai Jing’s wrist after Xuxu reminded him.

He looked at Xuxu, his eyes watery, and she didn’t know if they were filled with tears or sweat.

Her eyes reddened. “The doctor will find a way to relieve the pain.”

‘If it weren’t for him, the one who would be lying on the bed would have been Ah Sheng, or even…’

She was already scared as she thought about it.

The doctor arrived with painkillers and injected it into Bai Lisong.

“For the next two days, the patient will be very emotionally unstable and find it difficult to accept reality. We’ll give him painkillers for physical pain, but we can’t keep injecting him with this because it’ll impede his recovery.”