Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 934

Chapter 934 Wheres That Hooligan?

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The doctor explained to Yan Rusheng after he had injected the patient with the painkillers.

Yan Rusheng nodded. “Noted.”

After they had administered the painkillers, Bai Lisong calmed down a little.

From the immense pain he experienced earlier, it probably tired him out, for he fell asleep not long after.

Bai Jing also seemed to be a deadbeat. After her father calmed down, she sat by his bedside. She looked as if someone had lifted a huge burden off her shoulders.

Xuxu stood beside her and gently patted her shoulders. She was at a loss for words—whether she should thank or comfort the latter.

Thank her father for saving Yan Rusheng.

But such words won’t alter reality. In fact, it would make her sadder.

After staying for a while, Yan Rusheng and Xuxu left. They had planned to consult the attending doctor for Bai Lisong’s follow up treatment.

Su Yue followed them out. “Third Brother. Third sister-in-law.”

Xuxu and Yan Rusheng halted in their steps and turned to look at her. They could see a sense of sadness written all over her small face.

She asked, “Bai Jing’s father, is it impossible to save his leg?”

Xuxu looked downcast and remained silent. It was enough to answer Su Yue’s question.

Su Yue was crestfallen, and she lowered her head. “But Bai Jing only has her dad,” faltered Su Yue.

Xuxu’s heart clenched when she heard it. She stepped in front of Su Yue and patted her head, smiling as she said, “From now on, we’ll take care of Bai Jing and her dad.”

‘But Bai Jing only has her dad.’

For this 18-year-old girl, who had just finished her college entrance examinations, her father was her world. After the accident, her world came crashing down.

‘How big an impact did this have on her?’

They could never comprehend.

After hearing Xuxu’s words, Su Yue looked up. “Really?”

“Mmm,” Xuxu confirmed. She nodded, her lips pressed in a thin line.

Xuxu stared at Su Yue’s small and intricate face. This girl had disfigured Fang Jiayin with boiling soup, gone to school with a knife, and she stabbed people until she stained their whole bodies with blood. She was even more cruel to herself and not a single time she batted an eyelid.

Others called her a freak, a psycho and said she was aloof.

But she wasn’t snobbish nor a hypocrite. She was passionate and kind.

However, it was only to those she liked.

Xuxu rubbed Su Yue’s head, her smile full of love and adoration. “It’s your holidays now. You can spend more time here with Bai Jing. But you’re not allowed to run around in the hospital. I’ll come to fetch you at night. If not me, then your brother will.”

“Okay,” Su Yue answered, nodding. Then she rubbed her red eyes.

After talking to the doctor and understanding Bai Lisong’s situation, Xuxu and Yan Rusheng knew that there was nothing they could do to prevent him from undergoing immense pain, at least for a period time.

Xuxu helplessly sighed after exiting the doctor’s office. “He’ll get over the physical pain one day, but the pain of losing a leg—”

She stopped when she saw Yan Rusheng’s face.

She grabbed his hand and held it. She continued, “Later on when the condition of Bai Jing’s father has stabilized, I’ll have a talk to Bai Jing and ask her which university she wants to go to.”

From now on, all of Bai Lisong’s burdens were theirs to carry.

Yan Rusheng nodded his head. ” Mmm.”

He was also thinking about it. They had to nurture this girl.

The atmosphere was tensed. Xuxu took a deep breath and changed the topic altogether. She asked Yan Rusheng, “Are you going to the office?”

“Mmm.” He nodded. He then recalled something.

“Where’s that hooligan? Didn’t she come here with you?”