Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 935

Chapter 935 It Feels Amazing

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“She went to the washroom,” Xuxu answered as she looked around, not knowing where the washroom was.

“Come to think of it. Why is she taking so long?”

Yan Rusheng frowned in confusion. “Why were you with her early in the morning?”

It wasn’t even 9 a.m. Even if they had arranged to meet, it wouldn’t have been so early.

Xuxu casually replied, “I accompanied her to the City Women and Children’s Hospital.”

‘Accompany that hooligan to the City Women and Children’s Hospital?’ Yan Rusheng suspected something. “What for?”

Xuxu realized that she was divulging too much information, and she saw how Yan Rusheng’s face morphed into a face full of inquiry. She frowned.

“Yan Rusheng, why are you so nosy?”

She had been too quick to answer him. She shouldn’t have told him they had gone to the City Women and Children’s Hospital.

This man was more sensitive than a dog; he could easily put two and two together.

Give Zhou Shuang some time to think about it. It was better to leave Lu Yinan in the dark for the time being. Lu Yinan’s gentleness was merely a facade—if he were to find out about her pregnancy, his reaction would be bigger than hers for sure.

Both of them needed to have a debate about children.

Xuxu averted her gaze.

Yan Rusheng noted Xuxu’s reaction. Calm and collected, he looked at her belly and asked, “Did you get a checkup while you were there?”

Xuxu frowned. “They’re so active in here. Why would I need a checkup?”

After saying that, she placed her hands on her belly, rubbing it gently. Even now, she could feel them moving from time to time.

“Really?” Yan Rusheng’s eyes widened, and he placed his hands on her belly too. “They can move?”

The whole idea was new to him, and he thought it was very interesting. He looked forward to feeling the little ones in Xuxu’s belly to interact with him.

Xuxu laughed. “fbDon’t be stupid. They do.”

She watched Yan Rusheng’s side-view; her smile filled with love and affection.

They were now near the lift entrance. Standing there, they attracted the attention of many. Xuxu moved her hands in an attempt to push Yan Rusheng away.

“Don’t move.” Yan Rusheng suddenly shifted his hands on her belly, and the corner of his lips lifted upwards. Excitement filled his eyes. “Seems like they’re really moving.”

From what he had felt, they really were hyper.

It was the first time he felt the real presence of the little ones. That feeling was amazing.

When she saw that Yan Rusheng was excited about the kids, a blissful smile formed on Xuxu’s face. She said, “Matron Huang said that when they’re older, my stomach would frequently bulge out because of their little kicks.”

“Really?” Disbelief filled Yan Rusheng’s expression.

At that point in time, Xuxu’s stomach seemed so flat and her waist seemed too thin to withstand a grasp. But that thought that there were two active lives inside of her, it was amazing.

Even though Xuxu seemed to smile blissfully whenever she mentioned the children, he knew the process took a toll on Xuxu.

They were engrossed in their conversation when Zhou Shuang returned from the washroom. She saw them and hollered from afar, “Can both of you maintain your image when in public? Sweet-talking in the hospital? What next?”

Hearing her words, Yan Rusheng lifted his head and looked over. He didn’t bother concealing his distaste towards her when he replied, “As expected, she annoys people the moment she speaks.”

He scrutinized Zhou Shuang and suspicion flashed in his eyes.

Zhou Shuang didn’t look too well. She seemed to have lost a lot of weight in the past month.