Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 936

Chapter 936 What Do You Want To Talk About To Make You Feel Better?

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‘I went with her to the City Women and Children’s Hospital.’

Xuxu’s words echoed in Yan Rusheng’s ears once more, and he became more suspicious.

Zhou Shuang walked over to Yan Rusheng and waved her fist at him. She glared. “Yan Rusheng, are you asking for a beating?”

It left Xuxu speechless—these two were like arch-enemies. Every time they meet, they were bound to bicker. She has had enough.

She cut across to prevent them from exchanging words. “Alright, that’s enough. Let’s go. You should head back to the office.”

She shoved Yan Rusheng forward.

The trio strode towards the crowded elevator.

Yan Rusheng was afraid people would bump over to Xuxu, so he used his body to shield her as she stood at the corner.

During mornings, the hospital was usually very crowded. When the elevator stopped at another level, more people rushed in. Xuxu got worried for Zhou Shuang. “Shuang, be careful. Come here.”

Her concern further cemented Yan Rusheng’s hunch that he was right.

“Look, isn’t that Flourish & Prosper’s President?”

“Wow, he is as good-looking as the photos.”

Someone recognized Yan Rusheng’s gorgeous face and exclaimed. The smitten young little girls ignored Xuxu, who Yan Rusheng was shielding, and continued to gasp dramatically.

“Why does the President need to squeeze with us in the elevator?”

Suddenly, a middle-aged woman stuck her face towards Yan Rusheng. She surveyed him closely as though he was some fascinating object.

Yan Rusheng instinctively withdrew his head and frowned. “Should I jump off the building if I don’t use the elevator?”

It had all of them speechless.

Xuxu bent her head, shaking uncontrollably and Zhou Shuang followed suit.

That woman received a rude shock from Yan Rusheng’s glare and retreated. She dismissed in a conclusion, “Quite handsome indeed, but his shortcoming is his rudeness. He doesn’t respect the elderly, too. Barely passable.”

This woman sounded like she was evaluating a product.

Zhou Shuang loudly chortled when they came out of the elevator. “Yan Rusheng, did you hear that? That woman said you barely passed the mark for you’re a stuck up and overbearing fellow.”

Yan Rusheng stuffed his hands deep into the pockets of his pants and threw Zhou Shuang a dirty look. Ignoring her remarks, he strode away.

Xuxu waved to bid him goodbye. “Ah Sheng, be safe on the road.”

Yan Rusheng nodded and added, “Don’t go to work today and rest well at home.”

Xuxu nodded with an ‘Mm’.

Zhou Shuang watched them and helplessly shook her head. “You’ve known each other for over 20 years. And you’re married to him for almost a year, the novelty should wear off soon, right? Why are you still acting so lovey-dovey and mushy as though both of you are still in your teens in a budding relationship?”

Xuxu proudly raised her chin and bragged. “Yes, we are still dating and head over heels in love with each other. This will go on every day for this lifetime.”

But she wasn’t thick-skinned enough, so she blushed afterward.

“Hey, hey, hey.” Zhou Shuang stretched her hand and jabbed at Xuxu’s dimples. “Wen Xuxu, don’t you feel ashamed?”

Xuxu frowned and flung her hand away with disdain. Her eyes darted to her belly and she quipped. “Don’t worry about me. You should worry about the three little buns inside of you right now.”

Zhou Shuang was still in the mood to tease her despite her troubles.

Zhou Shuang became crestfallen at the mention of her babies. “Can we talk about something happy?”

She pouted and turned glum.

Xuxu hastily nodded. “Alright, what do you want to talk about to make you feel better?”

They walked towards the car.