Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 938

Chapter 938 How Embarrassing

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This was a real problem. One baby would already be a burden, and she was carrying three. Who would want her?

She would have to slog her life away for the three children for the rest of her life.

After some serious contemplation, it seemed prudent not to give birth to them.

Mu Li was aware of what was on Zhou Shuang’s mind and she calmly interjected. “Calm down first and try to consider it first. Don’t just think of them as a burden. Imagine the happiness they will bring you.”

She brought up examples to highlight her point. “Look at how good-looking Yinan is, his genes are fantastic. So your children will be good-looking too. If you have a daughter, she will look so pretty and fair. Dress her up and bring her around and people will lavish praises on her no matter where she goes.”

Zhou Shuang visualized as Mu Li expounded, but the scenes she pictured wasn’t as lovely as she’d imagine. She wrinkled her nose and frowned.

She cut across Mu Li. “What if she wants to pee or poop at the roadside? Didn’t you read about the news that a lady was clearing the poop by the roadside for her child and people criticized her so badly? How embarrassing that would be if I were in her shoes?”

It dumbfounded Xuxu.

Mu Li was speechless.

She dismissed her with an impatient wave of a hand. “You are too pessimistic right now and there is no way I can change your mind. You should calm down first.”

Xuxu also agreed that Zhou Shuang was in low spirits, and she was at a loss for words too.

Zhou Shuang was the type of person who wouldn’t mind if her apartment view had no beautiful scenery. Instead, the first thing she would consider was her quick escape route from the building in case of an earthquake.

Mu Li gestured at Xuxu and said, “You two stay here. I’ll go check on your father to see if he has taken his medicine.”

“Okay.” Xuxu nodded and turned on the TV.

“Honghong. Honghong—” Mu Li’s voice was slightly trembling as she pushed the door open.

Second Master Yan’s expression darkened when he heard how his wife was calling him. He remained silent.

The older this woman got, the mushier she became. She used to address him as ‘Hong’, and it had already made him feel embarrassed. Now she had improvised and addressed him as ‘Honghong’.

Mu Li beamed at him. “Let me tell you shocking news!”

Yan Weihong set aside his book and glanced at Mu Li with a stoic face. “Speak.”

Mu Li sat at the edge of the bed and gazed at Yan Weihong. “Make a guess!”

Yan Weihong was speechless.

She excitedly rushed to him announcing that she had a piece of shocking news, but now she had made him guess with no hints! How would he know what was happening?

Mu Li knew that Yan Weihong was completely at sea, and she chuckled. “Xuxu’s friend Zhou Shuang. You know her right?”

Yan Weihong nodded. “Certainly.”

That young lady was spunky and energetic, and she acts like a boy. It was easy to remember her.

Mu Li continued excitedly. “She is pregnant!”

“What does that have to do with you?” Yan Weihong couldn’t comprehend why Mu Li was so excited. “In our society these days, why would being pregnant be any surprise?”

If not, why would so many hospitals be advertising about pregnancy-related services?

Mu Li flashed a mysterious smile. “Can you guess whose child she is carrying?”

Seeing how excited and emotional she was, Yan Weihong couldn’t help but feel nervous. He asked apprehensively, “Third Yan’s?”

He grabbed his blanket and was about to march off to look for Yan Rusheng.

Mu Li’s face fell. “Is your son that kind of person?”

Yan Weihong began to breathe easily once more, although his face fell. He raised his voice. “Why can’t you finish the entire story? If not, forget about it.”