Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 939

Chapter 939 Lu Yinan Youre Going To Be A Father

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She was grinding his patience.

Mu Li continued, “She is carrying the Lu family’s children. Yinan’s children!”

“Oh, Lu Yinan.” Yan Weihong was visibly startled before he broke into a smile. “That’s great. When I met Old Master Lu before, he was still grumbling about how his grandson is still single. He is getting worried.”

Mu Lin nodded in agreement. “I agree it’s good news, too. And she is carrying triplets.”

Yan Weihong widened his eyes in shock. “Triplets?”

Mu Li furrowed her eyebrows. “I wonder what tonics the Lu family has been eating every day to allow Lu Yinan to have three babies at one go?”

Second Master Yan was silently envious of this blessing.

“Let me call the Lu family to inform Old Master Lu. He would definitely jump out for joy.” Mu Li picked up her phone and dialed a number.

It confused Yan Weihong. “Wait, shouldn’t they be aware by now?”

Mu Li placed the phone to her ear as she glanced at Yan Weihong. “That lass is discussing with Xuxu about aborting the babies.”

“No, that should never happen. It’s triplets!” Yan Weihong chimed in haste. “Call the Lu family now!”

To wealthy and prominent families like theirs, the more children they have, the happier they would be. And now they are expecting triplets, there was absolutely no reason not to have them.

This thinking has to do with their age, too. They were in their sixties and were all looking forward to seeing their grandchildren.

“Madam Lu?” Someone answered, and Mu Li smiled. “Yes, it’s Mu Li.”

Wen Xuxu, didn’t you promise that Madam Mu Li wouldn’t blabber?!

Somewhere else, Yan Rusheng dialed Lu Yinan’s number, too.

“Wow, did the sun rose from the west today? Why would Third Young Master call me?”

“I’m calling to congratulate you on becoming a father.”

“Pfft!” Lu Yinan spat out the water in his mouth and it splashed across his computer screen. He coughed and choked and began to wipe the screen. “Third Yan, it’s not April Fool’s Day. Why are you joking with me?”

He would be a father? He doesn’t even have a girlfriend!

Young Master Yan’s sarcastic tone floated across the other line. “Do I look like someone who would joke around with a person like you?”

What did he mean by a person like him? It annoyed Lu Yinan but wasn’t in the mood to argue with him. The main issue was that he would be a father?

He found it ridiculous and joked, “I have touched no woman recently. Or do you want your son to address me as Dad?”

“Scram!” Yan Rusheng bellowed at him.

A moment later, he began to rejoice with Lu Yinan’s misfortune. “You might not have touched a woman, but you touched a female hooligan.”

“Third Yan.” Lu Yinan’s heart plunged. Fear flooded his face. “You… Don’t scare me. If you continue with this joke, this is the end of our friendship.”

Yan Rusheng replied, “I’ve already said that there’s no reason for me to joke with someone like you.”

Lu Yinan was so nervous that his heart seemed to have stopped beating momentarily. He swallowed his saliva and steeled himself. “Wh—what do you mean?”

No, this was impossible. How could he be expecting a child with that tomboy?

‘This must be a joke. A huge joke.’

Yan Rusheng snorted. “I’m sure you’ve understood since I’ve made myself clear.”

He promptly hung up.

“Hello, hello! Third Yan…” The call has already ended, but Lu Yinan was still shouting at the phone.

He placed his phone down and removed his spectacles. He settled himself back into his comfortable swivel chair.