Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 940

Chapter 940 There Is No Way I Would Want The Children

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There was only one word to describe his expression: dumbstruck!

‘Oh no! Oh no!’

He grabbed the sides of his head in frustration. Zhou Shuang wasn’t the only woman he had slept with before, but this was the first time something of the like that had happened!

‘That female hooligan must have planned this on purpose!’

Lu Yinan furiously gnashed his teeth and grabbed his phone. Seething with anger, he searched for Zhou Shuang’s number and was about to press it.

Suddenly, he received an incoming call.

It was from his house and his hand couldn’t help but tremble. Old Master Lu’s imposing voice sounded, “Lu Yinan!”

Lu Yinan felt a strange pang of guilt. “Grandfather? W—what’s wrong?”

“Bring the girl home tonight to let me have a look. And contact her parents. Find a date for the two families to meet.”

Old Master Lu had given a command and there was no room for discussion.

Lu Yinan’s eyes were huge with shock.

His phone slipped out from his grip.

His wonderful and perfect world had turned gloomy and gray overnight.

What should he do?!

Old Master Lu didn’t press on and ignored the sound of the phone falling. He hung up without a word.

He was the authoritative figure at home and his words were like a royal decree. No one ever dared to rebuke him.

An hour passed by, and cigarette butts filled the ashtray. But Lu Yinan had thrown away the cigarettes merely after a few puffs.

Young Master Lu had frowned his eyebrows for the whole duration.

He finished a pack of cigarettes and picked up his phone. He stood up in a huff and left his office.

“Doctor Lu.”

“Doctor Lu.”

Lu Yinan was the young master of the hospital. Seeing him was like seeing their boss, and hence everyone was very courteous towards him.

Lu Yinan got into the car and slammed the door shut. He took out his phone to dial Zhou Shuang’s number.

Zhou Shuang didn’t answer after it rang for a long time. The call finally reached the mailbox. Out of frustration, he flung his phone away on the front passenger seat.

His phone had fallen to the floor earlier on, and this second impact had resulted in a cracked screen.

He impatiently unbuttoned his shirt and tugged at his collar, revealing his chest.

He had turned on the air-conditioning and he had substantially lowered the temperature. Still, he felt bothered, hot and frustrated. He had no idea how to vent his anger.

He put his hands on the steering wheel and he fell silent for a long time, looking eerily cold. He picked up his phone and texted Zhou Shuang. ‘Zhou Shuang, you better pick up my call, stop pretending anymore. There is no way I would want the child.’

She as an adult. She should know how to take contraceptives after engaging in sex. This wasn’t her first time, and he didn’t want to believe that she didn’t know how to prevent herself from getting pregnant.

After sending the text, he stowed his phone away and ignited the car’s engine.

“President Yan, Young Master Lu is here.” Qiao Jian caught a glimpse of Lu Yinan walking out from the elevator. He stood up and walked to Yan Rusheng’s office.

He had barely finished his announcement when Lu Yinan appeared behind him. Without a word, he swept past Qiao Jian and entered Yan Rusheng’s office.

Qiao Jian carefully shut the door.

Lu Yinan walked to Yan Rusheng’s desk and sat down across him. His expression was ugly as he stared intently at Yan Rusheng. “How did you know?”

Yan Rusheng knew what Lu Yinan was referring to, and he answered, “Xuxu is her confidante.”

Sounding natural.

Lu Yinan gnashed his teeth in response. “That damned woman! I didn’t know that she was so scheming!”

She had deliberately gotten herself pregnant with his baby and now the entire world knew. What did she have up her sleeve?

Was she planning to marry into the Lu family? Or she wanted to seek revenge?