Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 941

Chapter 941 Doesnt Enjoy Poking Her Head In Random Affairs

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If this was the case, then Zhou Shuang must be crazy. She must be completely out of her mind.

Yan Rusheng certainly knew what Lu Yinan was thinking of. He calmly analyzed it, and he said, “Lu Yinan, I would suggest that you shouldn’t be too rash about this matter. Zhou Shuang’s personality might be unlikeable, but she isn’t someone so scheming. Don’t ruin everything because of a moment of rashness.”

Lu Yinan sneered coldly. “If a woman was pregnant with your child, would you be able to sit here calmly?”

He tugged at his collar and breathed deeply. He put his hands on his waist.

Yan Rusheng placed his pen down and settled comfortably against his chair. He replied, “My woman is carrying my children and I cherish her like a precious gem. I want to put her in my mouth like how I would protect a treasure, but I fear that she might melt. I’m also afraid that I would freeze her if I hold her in my hand.”

The corners of his mouth morphed into a smirk, and he looked smug.

“Hmph!” Lu Yinan snorted. “That’s only because that woman is Wen Xuxu.”

If it was some other woman, given his character, he might have sent the woman to the operating table by now.

“You and me… how can we be compared?” Yan Rusheng surveyed Lu Yinan with disdain. “I’m a loyal husband, and I’ve only slept with Wen Xuxu before. How can you compare yourself to me?”

He proudly raised his chin.

Lu Yinan almost spat out blood at his remarks, and he had a sudden urge to hurl the ashtray at him.

He corrected, “The women I sleep with must undergo an inspection first before taking a shower to disinfect. I’m a clean man.”

Yan Rusheng waved his hands to dismiss his claims. “In reality, you slept with plenty of women.”

It has nothing to do with being clean.

He doesn’t want to argue with him anymore and pressed on. “So what you mind is not the children but their mother.”

Lu Yinan frowned, stumped for words.

Because he was right, he doesn’t mind having children. In a family like his, he would love to have as many as he could. But the prerequisite is that he needed to be a willing party, and he needed to plan ahead.

He doesn’t want to become a father overnight as though he was being schemed.

The woman who would bear his children in the future could be someone he doesn’t have any feelings with, but he could never tolerate someone whom he hated.

He hated that female hooligan so much that he would make a detour if ever they would cross paths. How could he possibly want her to have his children?

Yan Rusheng saw that Lu Yinan had clammed up and he paused for a moment. “Actually that night, you weren’t even sure yourself. Both of you weren’t sure, but the fact remains you’ve entered her room. This isn’t entirely her fault, too. These accidents are so common. As long as you handle it appropriately, it isn’t a big deal.”

“Third Yan, did Wen Xuxu brainwash you?” Lu Yinan turned stony-faced as he warily sized him up. “Did she ask you to convey all these?”

Yan Rusheng smirked. “You think too much. My Xuxu doesn’t enjoy poking her head in any random affairs.”

He concluded with a smug look on his face.

Lu Yinan cast him a long, dirty look. “It really isn’t easy for a man to be like you.”

Yan Rusheng grinned and replied, “If you can be like me, it means that you have succeeded.”

Lu Yinan had nothing left to say.

Indeed, Yan Rusheng was a winner in life.

His career was progressing well, and he had a happy marriage with Wen Xuxu. And their children are on the way.

Most importantly, it’s the latter. That’s what everyone wanted in life. He admitted that he wanted that, too.

But why hadn’t he found someone to marry? Was it because he hadn’t met the right one?