Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 942

Chapter 942 Many Things To Do

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Why didn’t Ming Ansheng marry his fiancée after being engaged for so long? The reason was he didn’t love Tang Feiling.

After a while, he spoke again. “Carry on with your work. I’ll get going.”

He turned around and strode out of the room.

Yan Rusheng quietly watched as Lu Yinan left the room.

“Eh, isn’t this Brother Lu?”

Lu Yinan bumped into Xin Yanting outside the office. She was holding a green folder while she was on her way to look for Yan Rusheng.

Pleasantly surprised, she warmly called out to him.

Lu Yinan grunted moodily in response and continued to walk in big strides.

“Hey, what’s wrong with you?” shouted Xin Yanting after she noticed that something was amiss.

Lu Yinan ignored her and carried on walking out of the President’s office.

“What happened?” Xin Yanting muttered under her breath as she watched Lu Yinan disappear from her sight. She turned around and knocked on Yan Rusheng’s door.

“General Manager Xin, are you looking for President?” Qiao Jian hurried towards her with a smile.

On Xin Yanting’s first day of work, Qiao Jian had stopped her from using the office next door. Hence, until now, Xin Yanting was still hostile towards him. She would always wear a frown when she saw him.

“Yes. Is there a need to report to you?” Xin Yanting replied haughtily and raised her chin.

Qiao Jian smiled and replied, “General Manager Xin, you’re mistaken. I’ll inform President.”

He turned around and began to knock on Yan Rusheng’s office.

Yan Rusheng’s deep voice sounded. “Enter.”

Qiao Jian pushed the door. “President…”

Xin Yanting interrupted him by swinging the door open. She rushed in.

“General Manager Xin.” Qiao Jian scuttled after her for fear of incurring Yan Rusheng’s wrath.

The President had instructed him that no one was to enter his office without his permission.

He followed behind Xin Yanting and Yan Rusheng threw him a swift glance. Qiao Jian stopped in his tracks and turned to leave.

“Yan Rusheng.” After Qiao Jian left, Xin Yanting stormed towards Yan Rusheng and bent to peer at him.

Yan Rusheng pushed his chair back to extend the distance between them.

He furrowed his eyebrows, barely concealing his dislike for her. “General Manager Xin, what happened?”

Xin Yanting overlooked the way he retreated from her. Even if he retreated, all she had to do was take a step forward.

Xin Yanting walked forward once more and stared at him, looking indignant. “Why do I have to use so much effort to enter your office every time?”

“Knocking on the door is a basic courtesy,” Yan Rusheng lightly replied and carried on to stop Xin Yanting from talking. “However, it’s my right to decide if I want to see you even if you wish to see me.”

“You!” Xin Yanting angrily pointed at Yan Rusheng and was about to throw a fit. Her mind was racing and her eyes flickered to and fro as an idea struck her. She changed her attitude and began to whine sweetly. “Can’t you be more gentle with me?”

Yan Rusheng’s mouth twitched and he coldly responded, “General Manager Xin, I’ve just eaten.”

He might puke at this rate.

Xin Yanting continued to pout. “But I haven’t eaten. I wanted to have a meal with you.”

Yan Rusheng was speechless.

There was no way he could communicate with this shameless and thick-skinned.

He snarled, “General Manager Xin, can you please leave if there is nothing else? I have many things to do.”