Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 945

Chapter 945 Lu Familys Punishment

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Both of them were like enemies, and they would definitely quarrel the moment they meet.

It frustrated Lu Yinan. He impatiently replied, “Alright, I’m hanging up now.”

Xuxu opened her mouth but before she could get her words out—the call had ended.

She furrowed her eyebrows, looking worried. The day was getting dark, where could Zhou Shuang be?

She passed the phone back to Yan Rusheng and took out hers. She tried calling Zhou Shuang, but she had shut down her phone.

“They must have quarreled this afternoon.” Xuxu was worried stiff. “Lu Yinan must have said something to aggravate her.”

She knew Zhou Shuang very well. Lu Yinan must have provoked and agitated her. That was why she had turned off her phone and left without a word. But it wasn’t something usually she would do.

Yan Rusheng said, “Don’t worry. Let’s go to the car first.”

He held her hand and pulled her closer to him. Su Yue followed like a little tail behind them.

Yan Rusheng ignited the car engine while Xuxu carried on calling Zhou Shuang. She tried sending her texts but there wasn’t any reply.

She dialed Lu Yinan’s number.


When Lu Yinan answered, Xuxu impatiently asked, “Lu Yinan, what did you say to Zhou Shuang this afternoon?!”

“I’m very frustrated now,” Lu Yinan answered. He sounded irritated.

“If anything were to happen to Zhou Shuang—”

Xuxu didn’t get to finish her sentence when Lu Yinan abruptly hung up. She was livid. “What kind of man is he? No sense of responsibility at all!”

She rarely lost her temper, and she rarely criticized someone so harshly.

Yan Rusheng knew that she was really worried for Zhou Shuang.

He deliberated for a moment before dialing Lu Yinan’s number.

“Third Yan, did Wen Xuxu ask you to call me?” Lu Yinan sounded as irritated as before. “I’m really in no mood to talk. Stop bothering me.”

“Lu Yinan, where are you now?” asked Yan Rusheng.

“Home,” curtly replied Lu Yinan.

Yan Rusheng hung up, changed direction, and drove to Lu Yinan’s house.

The Lu family stayed a short distance from the Jiang family in the same area. The Lu mansion was luxurious, grand and brightly lit.

But the atmosphere was strangely quiet and subdued.

The butler saw Yan Rusheng and immediately opened the courtyard gates. He courteously greeted them, “Third Young Master, Third Madam Yan.”

Xuxu politely nodded at the butler and closely followed behind Yan Rusheng.

Su Yue remained in the car.

“Get lost! If you can’t find her, then don’t come back!”

Xuxu and Yan Rusheng had just reached the entrance when they heard Old Master Lu’s deafening roar. It seemed to shake the entire mansion.

Xuxu badly trembled that she instinctively stopped dead in her tracks.

“It’s alright.” Yan Rusheng stretched his hand to hold her tightly. He smiled. “Grandfather Lu might be happy to see you.”

Xuxu pressed her lips and followed Yan Rusheng inside.

There wasn’t a servant in sight. Old Master Lu stood in the center of the living room with a walking stick and was bellowing at Lu Yinan, who had his head bowed.

The walking stick wasn’t to aid the old man. Instead, it was for the old master to carry out the Lu family’s punishment.

Only Yan Rusheng knew that.

When Yan Rusheng saw the walking stick in the old man’s hand, his eyes narrowed warily. He understood how livid Old Master Lu must have been.

Lu Yinan’s parents, including his aunts and uncles, stood silently around them. Apparently, no one dared to stop Old Master Lu.

If anyone dared to, they would definitely be implicated.

“I’m asking you to look for her!” The old man raised his walking stick once more and hit Lu Yinan’s arm with force.