Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 946

Chapter 946 He Cant Do Anything To You

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Lu Yinan’s mother was watching anxiously from the side, crying as her husband held on to her.

Witnessing such a scene, Xuxu hurried forward in shock. “Grandfather Lu.”

Everyone turned to look at Xuxu when they heard her voice, including Old Master Lu.

“Xuxu. Third Yan. Why are both of you here?”

He asked as he put down his walking stick. A surprised look was evident on his face.

Xuxu smiled. “We came over to look for Lu Yinan. Zhou Shuang is looking for him.”

The entire Lu family heaved a huge sigh of relief.

Xuxu was literally Lu Yinan’s savior. If she didn’t appear, Old Master Lu might have already beaten him to death or perhaps peeled a layer of his skin off.

“You found her?” Old Master Lu’s eyes were sparkling. He continued, “Didn’t this chap say she was missing?”

The older generation placed paramount emphasis on their future descendants.

He never met up with Zhou Shuang before, but he still sounded concerned about the woman’s well-being and her whereabouts. He would naturally feel that way for she was expecting Lu Yinan’s children.

Xuxu hesitated briefly before lying. “Yeah, we just found her. Don’t be so worried.”

“Lass, tell me all about it. What happened exactly?” Old Master Lu grabbed Xuxu’s hand and led her to the sofa.

He then glanced at the remaining family members and continued, “All of you listen well. Listen to the trouble that this foolish chap had caused.”

“Errr…” Xuxu became awkward as the corners of her mouth twitched.

“Yinan, come with me. I’ll put medicine for you.” Lu Yinan’s mother dabbed at her eyes and closed in on him.

“Nobody can leave!” Old Master Lu bellowed with a fierce glare.

Lu Yinan’s mother dropped his hand as if she had just touched a hot iron.

“Speak,” Old Master Lu commanded Xuxu.

Xuxu peered at Lu Yinan, at a loss for words. What was she supposed to say?

Yan Rusheng pressed his lips, trying his best not to laugh.

Old Master Lu saw Xuxu, who remained quiet, glanced at Lu Yinan. He said, “Just speak your mind, you don’t have to spare a thought for him. Neither do you need to fear him. With Third Yan around, he can’t do anything to you.”

Yan Rusheng secretly approved of the old man’s words. He was absolutely right!

With him, with Yan Rusheng around, no one could do anything to Wen Xuxu.

“It happened during my sister Su Yue’s birthday party. Lu Yinan and Zhou Shuang had a drink too much. So… in the end…”

“I heard that this chap kept bullying the girl?”

“Er…” Xuxu raised her head to glance at Lu Yinan.

Lu Yinan furrowed his eyebrows, feeling indignant.

She really had no inkling on how to answer his question. And if she were to nod, Lu Yinan would have to endure another beating.

She glanced over to the left and saw how Lu Yinan’s mother had cast her a pleading look.

She understood that his mother was feeling sorry for her son. So she let Lu Yinan escape the punishment for tonight. Besides, she needed to know what had happened between him and Zhou Shuang earlier that afternoon.

She turned towards to face Old Master Lu. “They merely bickered whenever they meet. There wasn’t any real bullying involved. They were just fooling around.”

Lu Yinan’s mother breathed easy once more.

Old Master Lu retracted his murderous gaze from Lu Yinan and tugged at Xuxu’s arm once more. “Xuxu, tell me more about that girl’s family.”

Since the old man was asking about her background and family, he must have intended for Zhou Shuang to marry into their family.

She overlooked Zhou Shuang’s willingness to get married since the question wasn’t anything private. Xuxu honestly answered, “Her mother is a diplomat, and her father has his own business. Both of her parents are in Country M.”