Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 948

Chapter 948 I Saw Sister Hooligan

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Lu Yinan fell silent.

Xuxu’s anger also gradually diminished and had recomposed herself. “She’s a woman, after all. Have you spared a thought for her feelings when this all happened?”

She paused for a moment before she continued. “The truth is, you have nothing to lose. Anyone could afford that small amount of procedure fee, and you could shrink back from your responsibilities without a second thought. But the amount of pain she has to go through and the immense damage done to her body would be something you could never comprehend. It’s best you lower down your pride and calmly talk it over with her. You won’t stand to lose anything.”

Lu Yinan continued to remain silent.

Yan Rusheng took a peek at Lu Yinan, who appeared to be examining his own conscience, and he laughed. He turned back to look at Xuxu. “Wife, your ‘Chicken Soup for the Soul’ is so marvelous.”

Xuxu threw him a fierce glare. “Shut up.”

They couldn’t find Zhou Shuang anywhere and no one knew where she was. Yet he was still in the mood to joke with her.

She added, “Knowing Zhou Shuang, if you really said something nasty to her, she would most likely visit the hospital herself for an abortion.”

When such words were said, not only Lu Yinan but Yan Rusheng also started to feel anxious.

Yan Rusheng said, “Let’s check out the hospitals.”

Xuxu knitted her eyebrows. “There’re so many hospitals in the Capital City. Which one do we start with?”

“She had already gone missing for the entire afternoon, could she have already…” Lu Yinan opened his eyes wide in fear. He didn’t have the courage to think further.

Xuxu snorted as she thought, ‘He finally knows what fear and worry are!’ Xuxu looked at Lu Yinan and uttered, “If it wasn’t because she was pregnant with triplets, she would have gone ahead with the procedure when we were at the hospital earlier this morning. Did you really think she wanted you to find out?”

After a brief pause to observe Lu Yinan’s expression, she continued, “I think it was my mother who informed your family about this matter. She thought that maybe if Zhou Shuang terminated her pregnancy, it would be a pity since she’s carrying triplets.”

It shocked Lu Yinan. “Aunt Mu Li was the one who told them?”

‘How could he have assumed that Zhou Shuang was the one who told his family members? What was wrong with these men? Why were they all so opinionated?’

They thought they were all in high demand that everyone couldn’t wait to flock to them?

Xuxu knitted her eyebrows and sounded annoyed. “Yes, Zhou Shuang couldn’t decide for she was scared and worried. Thus, I suggested that she spoke to my mother for advice. I didn’t expect that she would spill the beans to your family.”

Yan Rusheng nodded and added, “Mm, this is indeed Mu Li’s style.”

He paused as a thought flashed past his mind. He then offered a gloomily look at Lu Yinan. “But how did you manage to make triplets?”

It was clear from his tone he was feeling indignant.

He was already proud of his achievements of having twins he felt valiant and spirited amongst his circle of friends. But his smugness didn’t live long when this chap overtook his achievements with three triplets.

It dumbfounded Xuxu.

Indeed, like mother like son!

Lu Yinan was feeling a little pleased in his heart. “Ha, I can easily make a national soccer team.”

Xuxu was speechless.

‘Crap! Hanging around these young masters can really ruin one’s moral values.’

The most important thing now is to look for Zhou Shuang, and to hunt her down, okay?

“Third sister-in-law, I think I saw sister hooligan.”

Su Yue, who was clutching her cellphone and had kept silent throughout, suddenly exclaimed.

Hearing this, everyone got excited and Xuxu leaned closer to Su Yue. “Where’s she?”

Lu Yinan also eagerly turned back.

Su Yue pointed to the screen on her phone and said, “Police station.”

She removed her earphones after that and showed her phone to everyone.