Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 949

Chapter 949 Im Really Not Selling My Kidneys

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‘At around 4 in the afternoon, XX Police Station raided an unlicensed gynecology clinic. The clinic was also suspected of being involved in the black market organ trade. The police had arrested a few suspects spotted on the scene, as well as some who had just signed a contract to sell their organs…’

When Xuxu saw the news footage, she spotted a familiar figure from the screen. She immediately recognized the person to be Zhou Shuang even when the picture was pixilated.

The corners of her mouth involuntarily twitched.

‘Tch. Is this fellow born on an inauspicious day?’

How could she go to an illegal hospital for an abortion and end up being arrested? Her organs should still be intact since she was still walking around with ease.

At least… she could set her mind at ease.

Yan Rusheng was laughing so hard that his sides almost split. He found it hard to drive.

Xuxu knitted her eye and instructed, “Go to XX police station.”

Yan Rusheng uttered ‘oh’ in between laughs.

On the other hand, Lu Yinan’s good-looking face turned as dark as the bottom of a saucepan. “She’s not only average looking with a bad temper but outright dumb as well.”

Did he also find it hilarious and wanted to laugh?

‘Zhou Shuang, have you got a pig’s brain? There are so many hospitals in the Capital City. Why did you have to go to an underground hospital? You’re really—”

‘But thank goodness!’

‘Huh?’ His own thoughts startled Lu Yinan. With a frown, he asked himself, ‘Why thank goodness?’

At XX Police Station.

Zhou Shuang was trying her best to explain to the police officer why she was at the underground hospital. “I was really there for another type of operation and went in by mistake.”

No one encountered such issues during an abortion, yet her attempted procedure led her to the police station. What rotten luck!

“Is Zhou Shuang your name?” asked a police officer. He pointed to a signature at the bottom of a document.

Zhou Shuang nodded. “Yes, it’s me.”

The police officer then pointed to the content of the document and explained, “This is the contract to the selling of kidneys. Have a good look.”

It dumbfounded Zhou Shuang. She didn’t look at the content of the document when she signed it. She felt lousy then and only wanted for them to do the procedure as quick as possible so she wouldn’t have anything to do with the jerk Lu Yinan afterward.

She explained further, “My dear police officer, I have two latest iPhone in my bag.”

She unzipped her bag and searched for the said phone as she spoke. “There are many more at home and I can give it to you as a gift if you want. So why would I need to sell my kidneys?”

‘Eh? Where’re my phones?’

Zhou Shuang rummaged through her bag but she could not find her phones.

She turned back and looked at the doctor in a white robe who was kneeling on the floor. Something came into her mind, so she grabbed hold of the police officer’s arm. She said, “They must have stolen my phones while I was in the hospital.”

The police officer shoved her hand off. “Don’t quibble further. I’m trying to protect you so you better come to your senses.”

Zhou Shuang was feeling helpless. “Brother, I’m really not selling my kidneys. I am rich and not in lack.”

She searched for her purse but… she couldn’t find it, too.

‘Oh my god!’ What sins had she committed in her past life?

To be so down in luck in this life.

Xuxu stood at the door and witnessed Zhou Shuang giving all she could to explain to the police officer. She laughed until her stomach hurt.

Lu Yinan’s face turned black. He looked at Zhou Shuang with disdain.

Were there anymore dumb and idiotic women in the world?

How could she not realize that they stole her purse and phones? What other items were in her bag? How could she not sense it?

If their three babies were born, he wondered if they would inherit the dumb woman’s low IQ.

Zhou Shuang supported her forehead with her palm to calm herself down before she continued to explain to the police officer. “There’s really no need for me to sell my kidneys. Lend me your cellphone so I could make a call to my friend. You’ll be in for a shock.”