Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 950

Chapter 950 As A Woman Can You Be More Cultured?

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“Little girl, stop boasting. Call your family members to bail you instead.” The police officer added, “Don’t be so foolish next time. You’re still so young, it’s not that difficult to get a job and support yourself. Your parents gave you your body, and you’re finished if you were to sell your organs.”

‘Slam.’ Zhou Shuang felt anxious. She slammed the table in fury and yelled at the police officer. “I already told you I didn’t sell my kidneys. I wasn’t selling!”

‘Damn it.’ Today had already been a very frustrating day, and yet she had herself arrested and scorned by the police for being a lazy bum who sold her kidneys for money. It was really an insult to her.

The police officer was not someone to trifle with. Seeing her arrogant behavior, he too slammed his hand on the table before pointing at Zhou Shuang. “Why are you yelling?!”

Witnessing this situation, Xuxu hurried over. “Officer.”

A few police officer had heard her voice, and they all spun their heads to look at the door at the same time. Upon seeing Yan Rusheng’s presence, they were visibly startled.

They hadn’t met Yan Rusheng in person, but they had frequently seen him on the media and newspapers.

“Oh, isn’t he—isn’t he—” A police officer fixed his gaze on Yan Rusheng. He stuttered in shock. “Third Young Master.”

Yan Rusheng strode over and pointed at Zhou Shuang before saying, “She’s my friend.”

It surprised the police officer. “She’s Third Master’s friend?”

Zhou Shuang held her chin high. She cockily said, “See, I’ve already told you but you didn’t believe.”

Xuxu walked over and threw her a fierce glare. “You gave me such a fright.”

“So it’s a misunderstanding after all.” The police officer smiled and bowed at Yan Rusheng.

Yan Rusheng offered a small, polite smile, and he remained silent.

Just then, Lu Yinan appeared before Zhou Shuang like a flash of lightning. He gripped her wrist and dragged her out of the door.

“Hey, what are you trying to do?” Zhou Shuang put up a struggle and refused to leave with him.

Xuxu saw Lu Yinan’s boorish behavior and frowned in annoyance. “This guy!”

After they left the police station, Zhou Shuang forcefully flung her hand away from Lu Yinan and roared, “Lu Yinan, what are you doing? Why did you drag me?”

“Why did you go for an abortion?” Lu Yinan looked at Zhou Shuang as if he was examining a criminal.

Zhou Shuang rolled her eyes at him. “None of your business.”

After that, she crossed her arms and shook her leg like a ruffian.

Lu Yinan looked at her and scorned, “As a woman, can you be more cultured?”

Zhou Shuang coldly lifted an eyebrow. “I’m sorry but I’m like this. What can you do?”

Lu Yinan answered, “I don’t want to get involved, so please don’t get arrested again.”

“Why do you have to worry when I’m at the police station? It’s not as if you’re the one arrested.” Zhou Shuang rolled her eyes at Lu Yinan once more and walked away from him.

Lu Yinan turned back and looked at that willful and determined figure. His hand violently trembled with rage. “You.”

He ran after her and stood in front of her.

Zhou Shuang frowned impatiently. “Get lost and don’t block my path, you irritating fellow.”

“Give birth to the babies and I’ll raise them up.” Lu Yinan surprisingly calmed down, and his voice turned soft.

But his grandeur and arrogant aura still exuded. His words sounded more like a command with no room for discussion.

Zhou Shuang sneered. “You are funny. The babies don’t belong to you, so even if I were to give birth to them, you won’t stand a chance to raise them.”

Lu Yinan knew that he was in the wrong and his attitude softened. “I’ve said it wrong and I hereby apologize to you. Please don’t be unreasonable anymore.”